Move aside, Rob Stark. The real Kings and Queens of the North are taking the throne for #PolarBearWeek. In a natural phenomenon fit for royalty, these arctic bears roam through the town of Churchill as they make their way to seal-hunting territory. Just try being this majestic, we dare you. Get ready to bow down to your new northern monarchy…

You could say polar bears really run this town.

Sunsets and polar bears~

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So get ready to rumble in the tundra.

Everyday is like fight club, but don’t talk about it.

Lazy days are an absolute must.

Especially since kelp makes for the comfiest pillow ever.


Nothing can get past these alpha predators.

Except when they stop for some much needed meditation.

They are always watching.

“Whatcha got up there? Any fresh seal?”

And they certainly aren’t afraid of getting up close and personal.

These tundra beasts are unbelievably photogenic.

Can you say perfect photo-op?

But don’t even think of pulling a fast one on momma bear.

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Polar bear cubs are adorable and fiercely protected.

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And they stay with their mom for up to 3 years.

Sometimes, polar bears like to let their fur down and unwind.

Trying new yoga poses seems to be a popular past time for these northern bears.

As is spending some time suntanning in the snow.

Ugh, Monday.

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It’s not hard to see why polar bears are our favourite bears.

And we’re sure they’ll be your favourite too. 😉


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