Manitoba Kid's Choice Pass: Adventures For The Whole Family

Check out the Manitoba Kid's Choice Pass to save on your museum visits with the whole family this summer.

Manitoba Road Trips: Riding High

Travel from Canada’s National Ukrainian Capital to Manitoba’s only accessible national park for wildlife, camping and delicious dining.

Step Back in Time During a Day Trip to Carman

A day trip to Carman is a trip down memory lane. The thriving community - despite all its young families and growth in the last 20 years - still offers bits of nostalgia, along with a chance to slow down, breathe in prairie charm, and swap family memories.

How to Celebrate Tourism Week in Manitoba

Get ready for new adventures! From April 15 to 19, National Tourism Week marks the perfect opportunity to discover hidden gems across the province and celebrate everything Manitoba has to offer. We’ve rounded up a few ways you can join in the celebration.

Manitoba Road Trips: Perfectly Parkland

See iconic prairie giants and make your way into the wild wild west of the Parkland on this outdoor adventure.

50 Things to Do This Spring in Manitoba

With longer days and warmer weather, our province comes alive with things to do in spring.

Where To Find Pie on Pi Day in Manitoba

Today is PI day, and we’re here for the tasty celebration. March 14th, better known as 3.14 PI DAY. We’re talking sweet pies, savoury pies, meat pies, fruit pies, and the most roundest and proudest of the baking bunch. Which pie reigns supreme? We've...

5 Winnipeg Neighbourhoods You Want to Explore

Whether you're visiting Manitoba's capital city from out of town or you're a local eager to plan a staycation, here are the neighbourhoods you should explore to have a top Winnipeg experience.

Beyond the Beat: Finding A New Protest Song

Beyond the Beat: Music of Resistance and Change at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights showcases how music has played a crucial role in shaping and reflecting social and political movements throughout history.

10 Storytellers of Turtle Island: Indigenous Experiences You Can Learn From

From quiet moments around the beading table to heart-racing adventures on the sub-Arctic landscape, Indigenous storytellers bring history and culture to life for the most transformative kind of travel experiences.

Cinnamon Buns, Sculptures, and Village Scenes in Southern Manitoba

What drives you to explore more of your home province? Lured by giant cinnamon buns, a tranquil outdoor art gallery and a one-of-a-kind accommodation, I headed out on the road to Rosenort, Altona and Neubergthal.

5 Winnipeg Museums That You've Probably Never Heard of (But Need to See ASAP)

You've heard and been to perennial favourites like the Manitoba Museum and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights - but what about the smaller museums that tell the lesser-known stories of our province's history? We have 5 museums that you've (probably)...

Embrace the Wonders of Flin Flon: 9 Things to do This Winter

Dive into the captivating charm of Flin Flon, Manitoba, where a blend of history and nature awaits. This city offers an array of attractions just waiting to be discovered. Here is a list of 9 things to do in Flin Flon in the winter!

Selkirk: A Destination for Good Eats, Inspired Art and Great Shopping

It’s home to Chuck the Channel Catfish, the Marine Museum of Manitoba and a championship hockey team named The Steelers, and if you dig a little deeper, Selkirk has plenty more to offer. Spend a little time in the city on the banks of the Red River that...

B is for Brandon, Bowling, Brews, and Breathtaking Views

Here are 8 reasons why Brandon will bring you back this winter season for more food, more fun and more reasons to stop in to stay awhile. Brandon has roots in not only agricultural history, but tourism growth that has stemmed from their hospitality and...

43 Fun Facts About Manitoba That Will Blow Your Mind

Most of what the world knows about Manitoba is based on movie mentions, Winnipeg’s reigning title of Slurpee Capital of the World, or the fact that we have been colder than Mars.

50 Things to Do This Winter in Manitoba

Bright blue skies. Fresh white snow. Crisp clean air. It’s winter in Manitoba and time to play outside. Whether you slide into skis, hop on a snowmobile, lace up skates, drop a fishing line or tie up a pair of snowshoes, our wide-open spaces make it...

8 Thought-Provoking Indigenous Art Galleries and Museums to Visit This Fall and Winter

Art installations that make you stop in your steps. Interactive displays that cause moments of deep reflection. Joyous discoveries of histories you thought you knew.

13 Fun and Festive Things to Do in Manitoba

There's no place like home for the holidays. But whether you're a local or just visiting, it's easy to get into the spirit of the season in Manitoba. From enchanting lights to heartwarming performances, the province comes alive each November and December...

5 Winnipeg neighbourhoods you want to explore during the cool seasons

Whether you're visiting Manitoba's capital city from out of town or you're a local eager to plan a staycation, here are the neighbourhoods you should explore to have a top Winnipeg experience.

10 Indigenous experiences you must have this season in Manitoba

Make a plan to connect with the first peoples of the place we all call home through art, history, discussion, and exploration.

6 Places to Learn Something New This November in Manitoba

November is an in-between month that is often unpredictable. Fall might be lingering, or perhaps winter has already begun.

Campfire Stories: 5 of Manitoba’s Most Terrifying Tales and Legends

Gather 'round the flickering flame of the campfire and settle in for an evening of scares. Bring these terrifying tales on your next camping trip in Manitoba, and you're sure to feel a chill in the air over stories of ghosts, monsters, & aliens.

50 things to do in Manitoba this fall

From picturesque hikes and cozy stays to soul-inspiring events and belly-warming brews, autumn just might be our favourite season

2023 Guide to Craft Sales and Markets in Manitoba

As the leaves take on warm hues and temperatures cool, craft vendors, enthusiasts and shoppers in Manitoba are gearing up for craft show season.Did we miss your sale? Send an email with the date, name and location of your sale to...

En Route! Three Francophone Adventures to Explore on a Fall Day Trip Through Manitoba

It's that wonderful time of the year when the sweaters come out, the boots come on and the air is crisp and cool. That's right, it's fall, the trendiest and most pumpkin-spiced fueled season of the year. It's also the time for corn mazes, fall suppers,...

Finding a piece of Canada’s fur trading history up the Nelson River

Can’t get enough outdoor adventure? Always looking for that next thrill?

Capturing that Clear Lake Country Charm

It's a summer staple in Manitoba to see a stunning sunset. But, not without a little charm. We're talking about that Clear Lake Country charm. What does charm look like? Is it the nostalgia of taking a crunchy bite out of your favourite childhood cereal,...

The Manitoba Explorer App: your passport to adventure and wonder

It's summertime, and that can only mean one thing: it's time to hit the road and explore Manitoba! And this summer promises to be even more exciting because the Manitoba Explorer App is at your fingertips.

8 used bookstores to visit in Manitoba

If you’re a collector of old books (or if you know one), there’s a real thrill to combing through the shelves of a used bookstore or book sale; searching through old romance novels and movie tie-ins to find that one book you’ve always wanted to read, but...

10 places to broaden your horizons this summer in Manitoba

Just when you think you’ve already made every signature Manitoba memory, there always seems to be another trick up the sleeve of our charming province.

Western wonders in Virden: art, history and the great outdoors in the Prairie Gateway region

There’s a gentle roll in the landscape that welcomes visitors to the western reaches of Manitoba.

10 ways Brandon brings you back for more

There's a lot to explore beneath the Wheat City's quiet, agrarian facade. Brandon is Manitoba's second largest city, and thus, very worthy of a weekend getaway for under-the-radar gems that'll leave you wanting more. Here are 10 reasons why you need to...

How I'm spending 48-hours in Winnipeg with my kids

I love being a tourist in my backyard. I'm taking full advantage of my kids being out of school to take them on a learning vacation...around their hometown of Winnipeg. Check out our 48-hours itinerary, which combines learning indoors, fresh air outdoors,...

Around the kitchen table with Borealis Beading

So much connection happens around the kitchen table. Sharing stories, music, art and, of course, food brings people together in incredible ways. That’s how it feels with Borealis Beading’s Perlage: a Métis voyage. You show up without connection, even...

Your ultimate guide to a family summer getaway in Brandon, Manitoba

Everyone's doing it. The staycation. It's more economical, it's easier to get there and who couldn't use some time exploring the place they live? Brandon is a city with small town charm, making it the perfect spot for a quick family getaway. Here's a...

Manitoba’s literary locales

Canada is a fertile ground for scribes, and Manitoba has produced some of Can-Lit’s most unique voices. Readers and wordsmiths alike must check out these stomping grounds of four of Manitoba’s most prolific authors.

Manitoba Winter Explorer Guide: 10 spots for enjoying arts & culture

Manitoba is Canada’s cultural cradle with world-class museums, stellar performing arts groups and a tight-knit creative community - be it musicians, chefs or filmmakers - that call it home. During winter, plan a visit to one of these cultural cornerstones.

Are you a tombstone tourist? Three sites worth a stop in Manitoba.

Is being a tombstone tourist creepy? A little. Morbid? Maybe. But it can also be poignant and transformational...and that’s what good travel is all about.

Through a child's eye: The Canadian Museum for Human Rights

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights' temporary exhibit ARTiculate Our Rights is the perfect reason for parents to bring curious minds on a visit to learn how art is a vision for human rights and a voice for change.

The Windows, Walkways, and Walls of the Riel District

If windows, walkways, and walls could speak, what would they say? Imagine the words they have heard, the things they have seen, and the people they have met. Step back in time to the heart of humble and hard working history that is the Riel District....

Tours, characters and workshops highlight Parks Canada’s summer programs

How much does a blacksmith earn in 1852? Is that wild bergamot or prairie sage? What do I need to made candles from rendered beef tallow?

Rainbow Stage is a quintessential Manitoba summer experience

Did you know that Canada's largest and longest-running outdoor theatre is right here in Winnipeg? Rainbow Stage is opening its doors once again for an exciting season of open-air theatre.

10 must-dos to add to your summer explorer checklist

Here in Manitoba, every summer weekend is dedicated to the pursuit of adventure and fun.

Prepare for takeoff! 3 day trips to take with your Manitoba Flight Pass

Soar to new heights with the Manitoba Flight Pass. The mobile savings pass bundles admissions at a discount to three aviation museums throughout Manitoba.