After a pleasant weekend of basking in the beautiful spring weather and campaigning for the best drive ins of Manitoba, let's take a moment to remember those who we have lost in the sweet sixteen round of Drive In Madness. 

Drive In Madness: elite eight

These drive ins gave it all they had, but alas could not make it into the elite eight round.

Let's remember...

Sonia's Stand: For some of the best fries in the province

Popeye's: For creating delicious summer traditions in Thompson

Vickie's Snack Bar: For offering not one, not two but five renditions of a bison burger

Lanky's: For serving up the longest hot dogs we've seen

Busy B Drive In: For perfecting the poutine

GG's Drive Inn: For the oh-so-fresh hand-tossed pizza

Airliner Drive In: For being the only drive in that you can also fly in

Dari Isle Drive In: For obligatory milkshake stops on the way to the lake

Without further adieu, let's get onto the next round...the elite eight! Voting closes March 26 at 11:59 pm CST! 

Ketchup Division

Relish Division

Mustard Division

Mayo Division