Whew, round 1 was a messy battle of burgers and buns, but we made it to the Sweet Sixteen round of Drive In Madness! 

Drive In Madness Sweet Sixteen

In the Ketchup Division, Lickity-Splits Drive In made like its name and ran lickity-split out of the competition. Cedar & Main crushed Tastee's cone (so tragic) while Dutch Drive Inn sent Connie's packing and Popeye's bid adieu to its worthy opponent, Ma's Drive In.

Meanwhile on the Relish side of things, we saw two close calls as Vickie's Snack Bar and The Beach Hut narrowly defeated the competition. Today, the people of Hamiota are saying WTS!? (What the scoop?!) after a crushing defeat by Syl's Drive In, while Lanky's kept a 2-foot-long hotdog's distance from Spark's Drive Inn as they pushed their way to the next round. 

The Mustard Division saw new rivalries take hold as The Kiln defeated Brian's Drive In, Busy B Drive Inn hurried The Patio Grill out the door, Meteor Mike's crashed into Mike's Ice N Burger and GG's Drive Inn said gg to Dandy Drive Inn.

Lastly, the Mayo Division had a dramatic finish as the Airliner Drive In flew through to the next round and Half Moon rolled up in a 1959 Cadillac (show offs).  Dari Isle Drive In held its little slice of paradise against their rival Ice Cream Island, while Vicky's Drive In left Charley B's Classic Grill and Ice Cream Parlour in a condiment nightmare.

Thank you for your votes - let's keep it going for another round! Voting closes on March 24 at 11:59 pm, with the next round going live on March 25.

Ketchup Division

Relish Division

Mustard Division

Mayo Division