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Fishing & Hunting Lodges

Whether you're loaded for bear or determined to reel in a monster northern pike, Manitoba has a fishing or hunting lodge where your dream vacation can become reality. You'll find experienced guides and warm hospitality in every region, and getting there can be an adventure in itself. Take a scenic boat ride from Big Whiteshell Lake to Crow Duck Lake Camp to fish for pike, walleye and small-mouth bass. The huge lake has plenty of space for anglers who like to fish from a boat, along with 16 islands where you can drop a line off the shore.

You can drive to dozens of beautiful destinations and there's no shortage of fly-in lodges that offer all the comforts on remote lakes and rivers. Enjoy hearty breakfasts, shore lunches and catch-of-the day dinners. And be sure to bring a camera - your memory of the trip will last a lifetime, but your friends may want to see photographic evidence.