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History Alive

Many people played a part in shaping Manitoba's history - make their stories part of your own.

Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site

Drive time: 30 minutes
Discover 300 years of Manitoba history at Lower Fort Garry - the oldest stone fur trading post still intact in North America. Witness re-enacted events and daily life at this Hudson's Bay Company post. Smell goods baking on the hearth fires, hear the blacksmith's hammer, and touch the animal pelts in the fur loft. Enter the Big House that was home to the Governor, the blacksmith's shop, farm manager's cottage, and a massive York boat. Visit the visitor centre with its interactive, ultra-modern exhibit, which includes surface computing tables that delve deep into Manitoban history and audio-visual displays of the fur trade's transportation networks.

Mennonite Heritage Village

Drive time: 50 minutes
The history of Manitoba's Mennonite community is celebrated here at this 40-acre site that takes you back in time to a turn-of-the-century Russian Mennonite street village. A fully operational Dutch windmill overlooks the village, complete with classic Mennonite housebarn, blacksmith, and general store. Enjoy lunch at the Livery Barn Restaurant, serving up traditional fare, including Foarma Worscht, a locally made smoked pork sausage and Vereniki, the Mennonite version of perogies filled with cottage cheese and smothered in Schmauntfatt, a rich cream gravy. On event days, enjoy a horse-drawn wagon ride around the village.

New Iceland Heritage Museum

Drive time: 1 hour
Manitoba is home to the largest Icelandic community outside of Iceland, and the heritage and culture of the original 1875 settlers is kept alive by their ancestors at the New Iceland Heritage Museum. In addition to the stories and artifacts from Icelandic settlers at the museum's Waterfront Centre, learn about the natural history of Lake Winnipeg and the importance of the fishing industry to the community at the museum's satellite location, the Lake Winnipeg Visitor Centre, a former fish packing plant. And while in Gimli, be sure to stop at Amma's Tearoom to try the vinarterta, an Icelandic torte with a prune and cardamom filling.

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