8 museums to visit on a day or weekend trip to Winnipeg

Posted July 13, 2020 | Author Nisha Tuli

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Planning a trip to Winnipeg this summer? Here are some can't-miss stops that cover the breadth of Manitoba's history, culture and community you won't want to miss. They're perfect for every age.

Winnipeg is located on Treaty 1 land.

Musee St. Boniface Museum

Located in the heart of Winnipeg's French Quarter, this historic spot chronicles Franco Manitoban and Metis history in the province. A former Grey Nuns Convent building, it is the largest oak structure in North America and the oldest building in Winnipeg. The collection boasts the largest collection of Louis Riel artifacts in the world.

Fort Gibraltar

Originally built 1809, Fort Gibraltar was a North West Company trading post and played a crucial role in the development of the Red River Colony, as well the conflict between the North West Company and the Hudson’s Bay Company. Today, the fort is a step back in time as it depicts life in the Red River Valley from 1815 to 1821. Explore the pasts and lifestyle of the Metis, settlers, explorers, voyageurs and Indigenous peoples who lived and passed through here.

Dalnavert Museum

Nestled in the heart of downtown Winnipeg, this museum will transport you back to the Victorian era. Built in 1895, it was once of the home of Sir Hugh John Mcdonald (son of John A. Macdonald). One of Canada's finest examples of Queen Anne revival architecture, take a walk through the rooms where you'll discover the lives, history and culture of the people who lived during this time.

Winnipeg Art Gallery

This iconic building in downtown Winnipeg features a modernist design and more than 27,000 works of art inside its walls. It is home to the largest collection of Inuit art in the world and will soon open the WAG Inuit Art Centre in late 2020. Browse the galleries where local Manitoba and Canadian artists are at the forefront, along with international works representing various cultures, centuries and mediums. The WAG is also home to one of the most sought-after gift shops in the city.

The Royal Canadian Mint

Visit this high-tech, high-volume manufacturing facility where coins from more than 75 countries around the world are made. Every single coin in Canadian circulation gets it start here, resulting in billions being made every year. The interactive coin museum allows visitors to strike their own coin or hold a pure gold bar worth over $700,000.

Manitoba Museum

Take a journey through the human and natural history of Manitoba. The space features the newly created Winnipeg Gallery as well as a thundering stampeding herd of bison. Discover the prehistoric creatures that once roamed this area and then take a walk through a Cree settlement. Relive Manitoba's fur trading past with HBC themed exhibits and a full scale replica of the Nonsuch ship.

Science Gallery at the Manitoba Museum

Head downstairs at the Manitoba Museum to explore technology and illusion. Hands-on exhibits let you become the scientist as you explore the concepts of stop action movies, pulleys, the Lake Winnipeg watershed and so much more.

Winnipeg Railway Museum

Located in the heart of the continent, Winnipeg has always been a key stop for railway travel. Located inside Union Station, this small but informative museum takes you into the city's railroad past with authentic artifacts including, the Countess of Dufferin, the first steam locomotive on the Canadian prairies at almost 150 years old.

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