The Herdsman House in Neubergthal

The Herdsman's House (c.1880's) is where the village cow herder lived and is set in rural surroundings in Neubergthal, an early Mennonite street village and national historic site in south-central Manitoba, Canada.

This unique cottage style Herdsman house will take you back in time, and boasts an old world feel. Restored to it's original, the handpainted floors are the original patterns painted by Mennonite women in their homes. A significant feature is the wood fired masonry Russian Bake Heater (rebuild by Parks Canada). Two spacious bedrooms and the main dining area benefit from the warmth of the masonry heater, and a large chamber allows you to bake bread, pizza, or a favorite dish. The main living area and kitchenette are fully equiped for all your cooking needs.

While staying at the Herdsman House, check out the historic Mennonite housebarns and the Russian Cottonwoods that line the street.

Five miles away in Altona, is the Gallery in the Park and Sculpture Garden- a must see featuring sculptures from around North America. The local park offers an outdoor pool and waterslides, tennis courts, and more.

Hiking and mountain biking at Fort Dufferin or at Tinker Creek in the Pembina Hills, or x-county skiing at Shannondale near Thornhill offers some of the best outdoor adventure in Manitoba.

Lastly, Spkija Sweets, also on the property, is a miniature candy store offering specialty candies to young and old.

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