Northern lights over the trees near Churchill, Manitoba
Stories and sounds from where Canada's heart beats.
Wander MB

Welcome to Wander MB. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and allow us to lull you into a relaxed state of mind with stories and sounds from where Canada's heart... beats.

Wander MB stories and sounds from Manitoba, where Canada's Heart Beats.

Episode 1: Magic of the Northern Lights

Join us on an audio journey into one of the world's greatest natural wonders... the aurora borealis.

Episode 2: Under the Stars in Nopoming Provincial Park

Join us on an audio journey in Manitoba's vast Nopiming Provincial Park. Hike through the woods to a campsite where we'll share a story around the campfire.

Episode 3: Sounds of the Migration

Join us on an audio journey to Oak Hammock Marsh in Manitoba to experience the magic of fall migration. Embark on a journey toward a restful night as thousands of geese find a place to rest in Manitoba.