Customs Regulations

Customs Regulations

Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco Production

In Manitoba, the legal age for alcohol consumption and to purchase tobacco products is 18 years. Please read information on alcohol and tobacco limits for travellers from the Canadian Border Services Agency.


Non-medical cannabis is legal in Canada. The legal age for use is 19. Transportation of cannabis remains illegal. It is important to know the rules regarding use and transportation of cannabis prior to your trip to Manitoba. For more information visit:


Visitors may import food for their own use without duty payment, provided the quantity is consistent with the duration and nature of the stay in Canada. Larger quantities that are not intended for consumption, but will be moved in transit through Canada, may be documented on a temporary admission permit. Please read more about food imports from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Canadian Flags

Gasoline and Fuel

Visitors are allowed free entry of fuel up to the normal tank capacity of their vehicles. Quantities above that amount may be subject to duty.

Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats from the United States must be accompanied by a rabies vaccination certificate. Animal tags are NOT acceptable in lieu of a certificate. Puppies and kittens less than three months old do not require rabies vaccinations but must be in good health. Pets imported from countries other than the United States may require quarantine. Read more about bringing dogs, cats and other pets into Canada.

Firearms and All Other Weapons

All weapons - including firearms, mace, tear gas, and pepper spray - must be declared to customs upon arrival. Documentation proving you are entitled to possess a firearm in Canada is required and you must transport it safely. Please read information regarding procedures for individuals importing firearms, hunting requirements and prohibited weapons and devices from the Canadian Border Services Agency or contact the Canadian Firearms Centre:

Toll-free: 1-800-731-4000



Royal Canadian Mint with international flags in front of the building

Radar Detection Devices

Radar detectors are illegal in Manitoba. Read more from the Government of Manitoba.

Duty-Free Exemption for Returning U.S. Residents

Below is a summary of duty-free exemption for returning U.S. residents. Please see the full details on personal exemptions after visiting Canada.

Minimum absenceMaximum amountAlcoholic beveragesTobacco products
Less than 24 hours$0n/an/a
24 hours$200Not includedNot included
48 hours$800

Specified quantities only

Specified quantities only - Minimum duty may apply
7 days$800Specified quantities onlySpecified quantities only - Minimum duty may apply

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Canadian Currency

Although U.S. currency is usually accepted in Canada, we recommend exchanging any international currency (or travellers cheques) for Canadian dollars at any Canadian financial institution, bank, trust company, credit union, co-operative, caisse populaire...

By Train

Canada's major rail passenger service, VIA Rail, arrives and departs from Winnipeg and services many of Manitoba's smaller and northern communities, including Churchill.

By Plane

The Winnipeg James Richardson International Airport welcomes travellers from around the world.

By Bus

There are several bus lines and local companies that offer transportation to and from Winnipeg and dozens of other Manitoba destinations.