Frequently Asked Questions - Churchill Explorer Pass

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  1. I don’t have a cell phone plan and am limited to WI-FI only - can I still use the pass?

    Yes - the pass is accessible through WI-FI or cell phone connectivity, however to access the pass remotely when visiting these locations, you’ll need to have a cell phone/data plan. Should you wish to still receive a certificate, please get in touch with Travel Manitoba at
  2. Are there any safety concerns when exploring Churchill?

    Yes - Churchill is part of bear country, and home to all three North American species of bear. For safety information please visit and follow the tips on staying safe. You can also view the town of Churchill’s safety pamphlet for more information:

  3. Can I still get a digital certificate even if I haven’t checked in to the local sites?

    Yes - if you wish to have a digital certificate created and personalized by sending a request to
  4. I do not have cell reception at one of the sites - how can I check in?

    Some of the connectivity in Churchill is unreliable and may not allow you to access the pass while physically at the site. If this is the case, we have expanded the check-in radius to allow you to check-in when back in cell phone range. Should you require assistance, please use the “contact us” feature on your pass.

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