Summer Northern Safari

A summer safari in Manitoba's North is the experience of a lifetime. Make that two lifetimes. You can see both great white icons - polar bears and beluga whales - and soak up the diverse culture of this vast natural landscape at the same time.

Go off-the-charts wild with a rugged adventure trek, soak up a little luxury at a remote lodge or tread the middle ground with a safari that can be adjusted to your comfort level.

Spend four nights in Churchill at the cozy Lazy Bear Lodge on Lazy Bear Expeditions' Ultimate Arctic Summer Adventure. Tour the coast of the Hudson Bay to watch polar bears walking along the shore and swimming in the water, and see hundreds of beluga whales along the same shoreline. Step ashore for a guided walking tour of the historic Prince of Whales Fort. Add the chance to snorkel or kayak with belugas to round out your experience.

Churchill Wild's Birds, Bears and Belugas adventure takes you to the luxe Seal River Lodge, where you can watch for more than 100 species of birds, join beluga whales in the estuary and spot polar bears who forage in fields of wildflowers, lounge on the shore and take dips in the chilly water.

Churchill Wild's Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge is close to a huge polar bear denning area 250 kilometres southeast of Churchill. And you can venture farther south with Churchill Nature Tours' Marvels of Manitoba Tour and Frontiers North Adventures' Big Five Safari - so named for its quest for polar bears, belugas whales, black bears, bison and moose. Mounted in late summer, both tours include jaunts to Riding Mountain National Park, with its lush forests, lakes, dramatic hills of the Manitoba Escarpment and southern wildlife. Your trip is complete with a polar bear tour and awe-inspiring encounters with belugas.

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