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Northern Lights in Manitoba

Manitoba is known for its spectacle of northern lights that draws travellers from around the world. Experience the breathtaking sight of the dancing aurora borealis and be left spellbound as nature puts on its very own light show.

When To Go

August - November
February - March (Churchill)

When to See the Northern Lights

While peak viewing times for the aurora borealis are between January and March across Manitoba, the lights are visible for up to 300 nights of the year in Manitoba's northern region. Whether you choose to view the northern lights from the warmth of a Tundra Buggy, a cozy viewing lounge, or a heated dome, you’ll be treated to the show of a lifetime.

Where to See the Northern Lights

Located directly below the aurora oval - where shooting particles from the sun collide with the Earth's atmosphere - Churchill is considered one of the top three spots on the planet for northern lights viewing. 

Book an overnight adventure tour that offers sky-gazing access from the deck of a heated tundra vehicle, take in the show from the comfort of a cozy aurora dome or watch from the covered viewing lounge and open-air deck of the Churchill Northern Studies Centre

Farther south, you can head to Flin Flon for a stay at a lakeside lodge that offers fishing, hiking and snowshoeing between nightly viewings, or pay a visit to cottage country at The Pas, where the northern lights are said to be visible all year-round. Grab your camera and record some jaw-dropping shots of the skies, or simply stare transfixed as the ethereal artistry unfolds.

Don't worry though, if heading that far north isn't part of your travel plans in Manitoba, and you time it right, you can still see the northern lights as far south as Winnipeg (sometimes even further!)

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