Churchill Cruises Ltd

Churchill Cruises offers expedition style cruises in the Canadian Arctic from/to the port of Churchill to Greenland on board luxury mini passenger vessels. Cruises are generally from 5-7 days and can be up to 14 days depending on the itinerary which includes communities in the Hudson Bay, Nunavut and on the west coast of Greenland. Passengers will get the unique opportunity to see Polar Bears, Beluga Whales, Orca killer and Bowhead whales, possibly narwhal whales too, plus walrus, seas and thousands of migratory birds in their sanctuaries on coates Island in Hudson Bay and Akpatok island in Ungava Bay. Given the right weather conditions, our passengers can also expect to see the famous northern lights as the vessel sails in clear dark nights in the middle of the Hudson Bay, or in the Davis straight. Guest lectures by accomplished professors and cultural interpreters compliment the tour through educational seminars held on board the ship in between the ports. Passengers will get the opportunity to taste a variety of local cuisine, experience local dance, music, costumes and visit the many historical, cultural sites, museums and archaeological sites across two nations Greenland and Canada. A cruise on board our vessel is truly an experience of a lifetime. Group tour bookings are very welcome