Harte Trail Studio Art Tour

Sep 21 - Sep 22

  • Admission: FREE

Embark on a quest to find treasures awaiting you in the Harte Trail Studio Art Tour, happening this September 21-22, from 10 am to 4 pm.

Gather your companions— whether a dynamic duo or a full-fledged posse —and prepare for a weekend bursting with colour, vibrancy, and boundless creative forces!

This Winnipeg Art Tour promises an immersive experience of delving into the inner sanctum of artisan studios and workshops. Will you be there to witness the next great masterpiece being created? Engage with our studio artists as they share their passion of visual art, stone carvings, clay sculptures, dynamic photography and intriguing ceramics!

With 20 artisans scattered across 18 enchanting studios along southwest Winnipeg - all you need is a trusty studio map (available on our website closer to the date) and some free time. Each studio is so engaging – you can’t help but want to visit them all.

So, rally your friends, rally your foes—everyone’s invited to this free wondrous escapade of color, joy, and boundless imagination!

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