Oct 12 - Mar 31

  • Admission: General Admission ($0-18, Indigenous Peoples and youth under 18 years are free)

An exhibition that presents the work of Dominique Rey, MOTHERGROUND will represent one of the first exhibitions of its kind in a Canadian context to thoroughly meditate on the subject of motherhood.

Dominique Rey: MOTHERGROUND presents the work of Franco-Manitoban artist, Dominique Rey as a solo survey exhibition in three “chapters” referring to three distinct phases of her visual explorations into the complex tapestry of emotions and cultural constructs of motherhood. Using small and large-scale photographs, photo collage, human-scale sculpture, and video installation, the exhibition is an immersive experience of our universal connection with motherhood.

Working in photography, video, and sculpture, Winnipeg-based artist Dominique Rey moves between mediums, incorporating lens-based practices with material exploration, subverting standardized post-production applications, and playing with conventional two-dimensional photographic depths in dynamic and three-dimensional sculptural forms.

MOTHERGROUND will reflect on artistic practice, fertility, and maternity as forms of creative labour through an in-depth exploration of motherhood and how everyday gestures between a mother and child can be radical. At the core of the exhibition is an attempt to unravel the myriad transformations during the early developmental stages of motherhood, the relentless balance/imbalance that is at stake, and the oscillation between extreme emotions – from agony to ecstasy.

The works in this exhibition will focus on the moments when the mother and child’s bodies merge and pull apart, morphing into altered shapes. The mother’s body functioning as the ground/soil/armature for the child to come into being. The performative images of MOTHERGROUND explore ideas of presence and absence, attachment, and desire, blurring the corporeal and psychic edges that link mother and child.