A FortWhyte Adventure (Second Annual)

Jun 08

  • Admission: Admission costs vary, go to: https://www.fortwhyte.org/visit/#admission.

Come out and explore the 660 Acres of FortWhyte Alive's prairie, forest and shorelines while searching for the fourteen new geocaches that will be placed onsite for this event. All these new geocaches will be winter friendly. Please note that the existing Geocaches will be archived by May 18th 2024.

Enter into a contest for hundreds of dollars in prizes and chat with fellow geocachers. A list of prizes will be posted when they have all been recieved. The draw for prizes will be at 4pm.

The caches will be available starting at 9:00 am for those looking for an FTF and the event log will be just inside the property on the south side of the Reception Centre. The log book will be in place until 4:00 pm so that you can arrive whenever you like during the day, grab the caches, enjoy a lunch at the Buffalo Stone Cafe, or have a picnic lunch at one of the several picnic tables. Fort Whyte closes at 5:00 pm.

Introductory classes for Geocaching will take place in the main Co-op Theatre at both 10 am and 11 am for those new to Geocaching or those that just wish to brush up on their skills.