Turtle Mountain Adventure Huts

Your basecamp for adventures in Turtle Mountain Provincial Park. Our huts are the perfect shelter for all of your 4 season adventures! Locally designed, built and operated. Our huts are a great base for adventurers of all ages and abilities. Our huts pack a lot into their small 160 square foot footprint. They feature a modern design, with a wood burning stove, cooking area, eating and sleeping space and storage racks for your gear. Outside the huts there is a deck space, outdoor cooking area, and gear storage for your skis or bikes. Each hut also has their own outhouse, wood storage, fire pit and picnic table. They are located approximately 5 minutes down the main trail from the Adam Lake trailhead. Modern washrooms and non-potable water are located at the trailhead just a short walk away. The huts are off-grid and have some simple solar lights and no plumbing (basin dish washing). There is also no phone service (some signal can be available via US providers).