The Foxy Shoppe

Thank you so much for stopping by to check us out.

We hope you will come in and explore our carefully curated selection of clothing, accessories & lingerie inspired by modern pinup, vintage classics, burlesque, old Hollywood glam, punk & rock n roll.

At 140 Provencher Boulevard in the heart of an exciting, growing neighborhood in St Boniface, you will find Boutique Foxy Shoppe.

You will discover body shame-free equality and body positivity in our size selection from XS-3X/4X. We want to have lots of fun too of course:)

This is a small, unique business founded out of a genuine love of all of these things mentioned but most of all a sincere intention to create, evolve and add value to the world around us.

We believe in empowerment, body positivity and encourage you to be yourself, express yourself, enjoy your one of a kind personal style and join us as we cancel long-standing societal standards of "beauty" and celebrate each and every one of you just as you are right now.

We are real, our big dreams and goals are genuine. We place high importance on our commitment to help to make the world a more kind and accepting place one step at a time and believe that together though we are small we can make a BIG positive difference.

We welcome people of all age, size, race, or gender; and accept you just as you are.