St Pierre en Boom

Less than 40 minutes south of Winnipeg's Perimeter Highway lies one of the true jewels of rural Manitoba - the picturesque village of St-Pierre-Jolys. Blessed with a beautiful setting along the scenic Rat River, St-Pierre-Jolys represents country living at its best with its special combination of friendly residents, affordable living, progressive attitudes and proud heritage. This is a community where neighbours still look out for one another, where your grocer knows you by name and where children can still safely play. It is also a community of industry and enterprise as it serves as the shopping and service centre for one of Manitoba's most fertile and agricultural regions. We invite you to take some time to discover the unhurried lifestyle of St-Pierre-Jolys, and the opportunities our community affords. If you do, we're sure that you'll fall in love with our version of clean country living.