St. Claude

The Saint-Claude Roman Catholic Church was designed by architect Etienne Gaboury who designed the Saint-Boniface Cathedral. With its long narrow tinted windows, the interior is as unconventional in concept as is its unusual exterior and surrounded by beautiful gardens. Open by appointment.
Tel 204-379-2434; 204-379-2323 Location: 84 PR 240 South

Saint-Claude has the world's second largest Smoking Pipe commemorating early settlers who came from Saint-Claude, Jura, France, whose main industry was the manufacturing of smoking pipes.

Location: First Street

The Dairy Museum of Manitoba features local dairying from early practices to modern processing, agricultural exhibits, a one-room school, a chapel museum and old CPR station. Open Monday to Friday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. in July and August. Admission charged.

Tel. 204-379-2156, 204-379-2228
Location: Parc Mile 60 Park

The Saint-Claude Cenotaph, inaugurated July 14, 1921, is dedicated to soldiers who died in wars throughout the world.

Location: Taché Street

Visit Saint-Claude Community Gardens, a kilometer of gardens where artists-gardeners gather to plant and maintain these local gardens, award winners of Communities in Bloom 2004.

Parc Mile 60 Park is a new outdoor recreation area named for the 60-mile water tank used to fill the original steam engines coming from Winnipeg. The park offers four baseball diamonds and soccer pitches and plans for volleyball, tennis and badminton facilities. It is also the site for the village campsite with new washrooms and shower facility.

The former gaol has been restored and is now open as a museum and tourist attraction. The building also houses the new Saint-Claude tourist office. Location: Hwy 240 & 1st St.
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