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Get up close and personal to Winnipeg's history with intimate, sinister, adventurous, ghostly, humorous and engaging tales of Winnipeg's heroes, villains and events.

SquarePeg tours offers a huge selection of different Tour options,

Paranormal Tours, Walking Tours, Young Explorer Tours, and tours catering to the Older and Wiser.

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Naughty Bawdy Tour
Pull up your bootstraps and watch for coppers as you travel through dark alleys, nooks & crannies of the historic Exchange District. Follow a rapscallion of the 1910s who will expose Winnipeg’s underworld of opium, brothels, gambling dens, drinking halls and trouble makers. By the time your done, you will become the next member of the Political Equality League of Manitoba! Not recommended for families or youth.

Boom and Bust of Winnipeg Tour
The Boom & Bust of Winnipeg walking tour explores the rise and fall of Canada’s wealthiest city at the turn of the century. Walk through downtown and hear about how this prairie city became the Chicago of the North, the Heart of the Continent and how we lost it all (and it's not just because of the Panama Canal)!
Topics covered are: street names, architectural styles, social movements such as the Wpg General Strike, monuments and more! This tour is a crash course in Winnipeg history in 2 hours! Excellent for school groups!

Broadway Ghost Tour
Hear stories about haunted locations along Broadway & Memorial Blvd, causes for paranormal experiences and more. Tour begins at the Manitoba Legislature and ends at the Fort Garry Hotel.

Brookside Field of Honor Tour
105 years after WWl and 78 after WWll, many Canadians have lost the knowledge about the contributions our Canadian soldiers made in the theatre of bloodshed and innovation. This Remembrance season, between Nov 1-12th SquarePeg Tours will highlight the achievements, battles, monuments and stories of our men and women who impacted the war to end all wars.
A great way to learn about pay homage to our veterans and soldiers, learn military history and boast a little about being Canadian! School kids love this tour!

Exchange District Ghost Walk
Author & Creator Matthew Komus offers an exciting tour ONLY IN OCTOBER. Be escorted through the dark streets of Winnipeg’s Exchange District by a shady guide to see and hear about some of Winnipeg’s most haunted buildings.

History Among the Stones
Brookside Cemetery is the largest municipal cemetery in Winnipeg with over 100,000 people buried there. A beautiful and scenic tour, join us as we visit the “famous, infamous and notorious” that are laid to rest here. This cemetery also holds the second largest Field of Honour in Canada! The Cross of Sacrifice, Stone of Remembrance and other military iconography are placed to add significance and meaning.
Make today the day you reserve your plot… I mean spot, for the tour!!

Murder Mystery and Mayhem Tour
Follow this victim of the gallows, if you dare, and you will hear stories of true crime and punishment Winnipeg style, ghost stories and other nasty tales. Definitely one of our most popular historical walking tours, guests have screamed, jumped in the air and laughed at his antics. Be prepared to be insulted, objects thrown at you, and intimidated! (No refunds for hurt feelings!!)

Pestilence, Shamans and Doctors Tour
Step back into 19th century medical practices with this walking tour which is enjoyed by all who make an appointment with this once famous doctor. Stroll along the Assiniboine River and learn about early medicine, plagues and diseases of early Canada, First Nations medicines and stories about doctors who faced unique challenges. Great tour for retired nurses and doctors, med students, seniors and school kids!
Don’t delay, book your appointment with the doctor before it’s too late!!

St. John's Anglican Cathedral Cemetery Tour
St. John’s is the oldest Anglican parish west of the Great Lakes. It was founded in 1820, when the Rev. John West arrived from England to serve as chaplain to the Hudson’s Bay Company, and as missionary to this part of the world.The graveyard surrounding the Cathedral predates the parish. It was established by the first group of Selkirk settlers in 1812.
Explore this small yet scenic cemetery on the edge of the Red River and learn about amazing stories of Winnipeg's founding families and prominent historical figures.

Symbols, Secrets and Sacrifices Under the Golden Boy Tour
Venture into the Manitoba Legislature to discover how this building has a secret identity, created for a higher purpose and that may hide the Ark of the Covenant. Uncover the Golden Boy’s true identity and discover the secret images in the Great War Mural. And then the most exciting part, experience a unique and strange auditory phenomenon in the Pool of the Black Star.

War Monuments Tour
Remembering the achievements, battles, monuments and stories of our men and women who impacted the war to end all wars.

Wicked Winnipeg
Explore Winnipeg’s connection to several notorious and violent criminals who passed through this city and how they met their fate at the end of the rope. This tour takes crime interested people on a walk from Union Station to the Vaughan St Jail where they will hear and see locations that are tied to criminals and their crimes between 1870-1946. Even with the original buildings lost to redevelopment, the stories still come to life as you hear the tragic details of what took place here. Tour ends at Vaughan St jail, not entered.

Wild Women of Manitoba
The history of women has always been over looked in education, television and media. It’s high time a walking tour dedicated to the courage, plights, challenges and recognition of women in Canadian history was acknowledged. So join us for a unique tour, unlike anything in this country, to get the goods on wild women who made history by challenging the status quo and changing the future for those who followed.
Book some quality time with the girls!

And Many More:
• Haunted Winnipeg Bus Tour (Oct only)
• Fire Fighters Museum Ghost Investigation
• Lower Fort Garry Ghost Investigation
• Fort Garry Hotel Room 202 Ghost Investigation
• Millenium Centre Ghost Investigation
• Exchange District Ghost Walk (Oct only)
• The Winnipeg Winter Bus Tours (Dec only)

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  • Manitoba Historical Society
  • Manitoba History
  • Motorcoach tour
  • Provincial Historic Park
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