Spark Rentals Ice Cycles

Canada's first ice bike company! We are your go-to company for renting ice bikes in Manitoba. Discover a whole new way to experience winter! With 3 models of ice bikes, we have a bike suitable for anyone. We offer a Tandem Ice Bike, Classic Ice Bike, and Ice Trike. The Ice Trike is the best ice bike to start for beginners (although they are all easy to ride) since it has a dual ski design allowing for a sturdy ride along with a rear fat tire for better traction. The adjustable seat makes this choice suitable for those 7+. The Classic Ice Bike is what you might come to think as the original ice bike. With only a pair of closely positioned blades attached to the steering wheel along with the rear tire, this bike requires a little bit of balance. Not to worry though, with the supporting frame acting as training wheels, you'll feel confident riding this model. The fixed seat makes this choice suitable for those 10+, however the long bench, back support, and side foot rests allows for a child (aged 5-10) to ride along! The Tandem Ice Bike is perfect for date night.... with or without your toddler. The long bench with two sets of pedals, handlebars, and breaks, allows for a cozy ride on the ice. The centre of the bench seat has room for a toddler to be buckled in, feet positioned on supporting rests, and their hands to hold on to the toy wheel. We pride ourselves on being mobile, which means you can find us during the winter at different locations throughout the city and potentially even outside the city. Look out for location updates on our Instagram (@icecycleswpg) or on our website. Rental rates start at $15. Pre-Book an ice bike to receive $5 off your rental at Walk-ups are also welcome. Fall back in love with winter with Ice Cycles