Room to Grow Guesthouse

Room to Grow is situated on one hundred and sixty acres of carefully managed, gently rolling, wooded land. Make the entire property your home – on the trails, in the clearings, by the ponds or in the garden. We’re open all year. Hunters are welcome in fall.

When you’re ready for an outing, you can visit nearby International Peace Garden, Turtle Mountain Provincial Park, Whitewater Lake Bird Habitat, Town of Boissevain and Souris River Bend. You can stay in either a comfortable wood heated, three bedroom (two bathrooms) Guesthouse or the more rustic Pond House. You're encouraged to bring food and drink for you stay.

The Guesthouse has a kitchen. The Pond House has a two burner stove and a fire grate. Both the Guesthouse and our new personal home (a short walk from the Guesthouse) are hand built with local materials. We're open to discussions about sustainable living and custom design housing.
  • Full wheelchair access