MASK Escapes

Enjoy an action packed hour of immersive entertainment with your family or on a night out with friends. Work collaboratively with your teammates to solve puzzles, open locks and complete challenges to accomplish your mission. Will your team rise to the occasion or crack under the pressure? Find out at Mask Escapes!

Currently Four Themes to Choose From:
* Global Human Extinction: Save the world from the deployment of a genetically enhanced supervirus! (4-10 players)
* The Mask of Time: A high stakes Museum Heist gives you your chance to Get In! Get Out! and Get Rich! (4-10 players)
* The Cabin: Defuse a Bomb in the Cabin of a Serial Killer! (2-5 players)
* Roll the Bones: After winning big at the Underground Casino of Notorious Gangster Tony Bones, you have to figure out how to get the money and get away! (4-10 players)