Louis Riel Institute

Discover Métis History and Culture by the skilled and knowledgeable Red River Métis staff working for Louis Riel Institute the educational affiliate of the Manitoba Métis Federation the National Government of the Red River Métis. As we take a step back in time. Join us for various tour themes including: Cuthbert Grant- Warden of the Prairies, Life and Legacy of Louis Riel, Red River Métis programs and experiences at Riel House National Historic site, River lots systems and more!
Enjoy bus or walking tours and Red River Métis programs delivered by Red River Métis at Riel House National Historic site.
Celebrate Manitoba’s rich Red River Métis heritage.
Enjoy our charter bus for a unique guided tour and learn why Manitoba is the birthplace of the Red River Métis Nation. Our tours are family friendly with a blend of history, culture, stories and hands on experiences
Our programs provide hands on experiences and pride in our Nation and our past leaders.

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  • Guided package/tour
  • Interpretive program
  • Manitoba History
  • Service in French
  • National Historic Site
  • Authentic Indigenous Experience
  • Picnic Area