Ken's Anglers Service

Lake Dauphin Ice Shack Rentals and Guiding Services.

My Home and Shacks are located on the west shore of Lake Dauphin, on Hudson Bay Point. 10 miles North of Dauphin on #20 hwy. 5 miles East on road 154, 1/2 mile North, 1 mile East

This area has little other ice fishing competition. With private access to lake Dauphin and ice shacks. Walleye, Jumbo Perch, Northern pike, being the target species. and it is not uncommon to catch Silver pike, and master angler tullibee,

I offer several different size shacks depending on your requirements. From 6’x8’- 4 hole, 8’x12’- 6 hole and 10’x14’ -7 hole party shack. Included: Transportation to and from shack, ( Ice shacks are generally within walking distance of my home.) Heat on, holes drilled in shack, supply of fire wood or propane, 6 hole & 8 hole shacks include cooking utensils, propane cook stoves
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