Kenanow Lodge

We feel there is a significant difference between the experiences we offer at Kenanow Lodge, compared with what the other larger lodges offer. Some people prefer the larger, less personal, anonymous experience offered at large lodges. The guests who come to us year after year do so because they've come to know us, and like us, and look forward to the close contact and friendliness of our place. While we're certainly not as fancy as a big "five star" lodge, what we are is small and very personal. At a large lodge, you will see the owners every day. Here you see us at every meal. If you want to socialize with us before or after dinner, you can, or if you prefer you can just hang out with your group back at your cabin. We are far more flexible in accommodating your wishes and special needs than a large lodge generally can be. Because we usually have a smaller number of guests at any time than a large lodge, we can more easily adapt to what our guests want, in terms of wake up, fishing and meal times, and special dietary preferences. Lastly, while most of our guests would rather stay with us even if costs were the same, our prices are generally lower than those paid at larger lodges, and include things that other lodges charge "extra" for.
  • Angling
  • Black bear (Cdn resident)
  • Moose (Cdn resident)