Horned Owl Kayaks

Get out kayaking on the Seine River in Grande Pointe, Manitoba! Spot great horned owls, painted turtles, white-tailed deer, wood ducks, and more as you paddle down the slow-moving Seine River.

Horned Owl Kayaks will provide you with the kayak, paddle, and life jacket, right where you'll get into the water. No need to figure out how to put a rack on your car.

Our course down the river is approximately 8km return, which will take you 2.5-4 hours if you choose to go all the way to the end (but you're free to turn around early). We work to keep this section of the river navigable to kayaks and can give you the status of the course before you book.

All rentals are payable by a donation to a local environmental charity. Get in contact to book a spot!