Gardens of Assiniboine Park

Assiniboine Park is home to sprawling green spaces and breathtaking gardens that encourage those that visit to spend time outdoors and enjoy nature. The following gardens are located in Assiniboine Park:

Combining artistic beauty with a natural setting, the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden offers a quiet retreat to enjoy the magnificent works of master sculptor, Dr. Leo Mol. Located in the north-west side of the Park, the garden was created as a result of Dr. Mol’s generous gift of his wonderful bronze pieces and works of art to the community in which he lived.

The winding paths and free-form beds of the English Garden are a feast for the senses in every season. The flowing layout of the English Garden is indicative of the English Landscape style, which sought to convey an idealized but approachable view of nature, as opposed to the regimented symmetry of a formal garden. One of the most notable statues in the English Garden, the Boy With The Boot, was donated to the Park by the Winnipeg Downtown Rotary Club.

Located in the Nature Playground, the Streuber Family Children's Garden is a bright, whimsical garden inspired by the classic childhood board game, Snakes and Ladders. A tree-lined path leads visitors to a patchwork of raised beds overflowing with flowers and foliage set among a checkerboard grid of pathways. A friendly snake made of woven branches and a cheerful band of merry musical frogs silently serenade the sky. Flowerbeds interspersed throughout the playground paint the landscape in a rainbow of vibrant colour.

The Herb Garden, located just north of the Park entrance at Shaftsbury Blvd., was created in 1997 in cooperation with the Herb Society of Manitoba and features a wide variety of culinary and medicinal herbs in a traditional circular layout. Herb Society volunteers maintain the garden in cooperation with the Assiniboine Park Conservancy. A walk through the Herb Garden provides visitors with an inspirational, esthetic and sensory space experience, as well as a means to see and learn about herbs.

The Mayor’s Grove was officially opened by Mayor William Norrie in 1992 and dedicated to the Winnipeg pioneers who helped create Assiniboine Park. The original city crest, used from 1874 to 1972, is also displayed in the Mayor's Grove, which has been rejuvenated with new pathways, interpretive signage, and the addition of new trees and plants, transforming it into a water wise garden. The key to creating a water wise garden is choosing the right plants and mulch for your space to maximize the efficiency of water usage so the plants can then live on the resources available.
  • Birding
  • Free admission
  • Full wheelchair access