Canadiana Camper & Co.

Canadiana Camper & Co. provides a hassle-free means to spend quality time in your backyard or home with the ones you love. You provide the space, and they do the rest!

They will come and set up prospector-style canvas tents in people's yards, indoor tiny tents, as well as a vintage completely renovated air-conditioned mini fiberglass camper trailer.
All the work is done by Camper & Co. and their team, set up as well as takedown is all included!

With the tents and camper they provide, memory foam beds, huge camp lounge chairs, decorated all up with additional items available too (projector & screen for movie watching, lawn games, mini trendy picnic table & pillow set up, large table & chairs)

They provide a "glamping" camping experience without the driving & traffic, without blowing up leaky air mattresses, without sorting the pets, and without trying to set up camp while keeping out of poison ivy.

It is such a wonderful experience to be able to include family or friends of all ages or mobility levels! (And the added joy that your own bathroom or kitchen is close by!)