Borealis Beading

Borealis Beading is owned and operated by Melanie Gamache, a Manitoba Francophone Métis beadwork artisan who started beading in 2014-2015. Melanie has always been creative, but her passion for beadwork grew into what is now experiential tourism offering Métis Cultural Learning Experiences. These experiences provide unique and authentic learning opportunities for guests to gain a greater awareness of Métis people's connections with beadwork, food, and nature.

Borealis Beading provides onsite and mobile interactive hands-on creative learning experiences where participants hear stories about the cultural and historical significance of beadwork to the Métis people, also known as The Flower Beadwork People. Métis cultural learning experiences are delivered in a style reflective of the traditional beading circle format where friends and family would meet to share stories and talk about their day while passing on the traditional art of beadwork.
  • Free Wifi
  • French Canadian Culture
  • Guided package/tour
  • Manitoba History
  • Service in French
  • Authentic Indigenous Experience