Boreal Workshop

Boreal Workshop is a Manitoba family business. We design and manufacture hand made fine jewellry and functional art objects. Specialties include gold, silver, and copper jewellery, diamond and coloured stone jewellery, earrings, rings and wedding rings.

Our work is hand made in Canada. We cut and facet our own gemstones using select rough sourced from around the world. The metalwork we produce is handmade, typically in copper, silver, and gold. Where possible we use local sources and distributors, and consider sustainability and the environment.

Our work is informed by Indigenous and European cultures and traditions of art and craft, and our environment. We have lived and worked in diverse regions of Canada, from the Arctic to the Prairies, and the influences of cultures, traditions, and the beauty of the natural world are intrinsic to our art. In addition to fine jewellery and personal goods, we produce art objects, and vessels and containers suitable for personal and ceremonial use.

The owner is a Nehiyaw/Anishinaabe/Metis Ikwe and member of Ochekwi-Sipi Cree Nation (Fisher River), with family from the Interlake and Grand Beach regions of Manitoba and ancestors from Russia, Wales, and Scotland.

The head jeweller and lapidary/gemologist is Canadian of English and French ancestry, with roots in Winnipeg, and the Manigotagan/Long Lake area of Manitoba. An accomplished goldsmith, silversmith, coppersmith, and gem cutter, he has studied gemology with the GIA (Gemological Institute of America).