Aurora Farm

Come visit the past and the future at Aurora Farm! We are inspired by our grandparents with an eye to a sustainable and just future for our grandchildren. Our beautiful and friendly animal herds will delight children and animal-lovers of all ages! Our herd of dairy goats supply the raw milk for our famous goat-milk soap. Each spring our baby goats are the stars of our Baby Goat Yoga program. Our colourful alpaca herd grows fleece that is turned into yarns, felts, socks and unique wearable goods that are super-warm for Winnipeg winters. Our herd of horses for pleasure and competition include the rare and endangered Ojibway Horses as our stars. Our Heritage Hens provide us with colourful eggs. Our gardens grow many of the natural healing herbs and flowers that we use in our unique line of personal care products made by hand and with care. We also grow vegetable produce for sale and for our food box families. Drop in for an ethical and delightful shopping experience at our super-cute General Store. For your own fur babies, we offer a complete line of natural animal care products. We are all about making easy and affordable environmentally-friendly choices, check out our line of natural home care products. If you are want to talk with us about our solar system, rainwater collection, large-scale composting - we’ll give you just the pep talk you need to get your desired changes accomplished. Don’t forget to pick up a flyer of our upcoming workshops in all kinds of natural living arts and crafts. Homesteading never felt so good. We aim to make our grandparents proud.