Arctic Trading Company

While visiting our uniquely built, rustic and cozy abode in Churchill Manitoba, Canada, or while viewing our online gallery, you will find a wide collection of inuit and native treasures, including - but not limited to - Caribou Hair Tufting/Sculptures, Birch Bark Bitings, fish-scale and porcupine quill art, rare narwhal tusks, musk ox horns, walrus tusk, whale bone, polar bear claws, caribou antlers, traditional jewelry and tools, head-pieces, pipes, and various animal furs.

Our main products are the unique and rare art of Caribou Hair Tufting/Sculpturing and quality leather goods such as moccasins, mukluks, mittens, and gauntlets. While customers can buy these items off-the-rack, most customers take advantage of our made-to-measure service.

We also have an impressive collection of original paintings, photography, soapstone sculptures, along with other carved objects.