Your next family vacation is only a fishing lodge away

Posted March 15, 2023

Getaways are the stuff that Manitoba summers are made of, especially when you’ve got kids, a short season, and two months of vacation, which require on-point planning. If you’re constantly on the lookout for ways to make your time with your kids memorable and fun, fishing lodge retreats are a great way to go. Here are five fishing lodges that we think make the family-friendly cut.

Betula Lake Resort

Tucked within greenery of the boreal forests and Canadian Shield, you’ll find Betula Lake Resort’s five spacious and inviting cottages with fire pits and picnic tables. This resort is one of those places that hit the sweet spot. It’s about two hours away from the city of Winnipeg, so it’s not too far, but it’s far enough give you that feeling of getting away from it all. If you’re in search of a wilderness adventure, this seasonal lodge will do the trick. There is so much to do while you’re at Betula Lake Resort that your kids will never complain about being bored. Kayak the calm waters, explore the prehistoric petroforms, bring your boat along and take the family out for a stunning ride with views of waterfalls and rapids. Sink your fishing rod in for the day’s catch, hit the sandy shores for a game of volleyball, or let the kids run free on the resort’s playground. And when the kids are ready for a treat, the well-stocked convenience store has you covered. Really, the options at Betula Lake Resort are endless.

Wekusko Falls Lodge

Thinking of heading north? Wekusko Falls Lodge near the quaint small town of Snow Lake is as good as it gets. This family-owned lodge offers professional service and a scenic setting that will make you feel right at home and your kids raring to go. Wekusko Falls Provincial Park has playgrounds, swinging bridges and a beautiful beach.

Explore the area’s falls and follow them down the lake, discover the area’s Canadian Shield, many hiking trails, and even a few small caves. If you’re looking for places where the fish will bite, Wekusko and Tramping lakes will fulfill your angling dreams.

Paint Lake Lodge

Overlooking a marina, boreal forests, and a breathtaking lake, Paint Lake Lodge lies within the Paint Lake Provincial Park. At Paint Lake Lodge, you can drive your vehicle right up to your secluded home-away-from-home cabin that’s equipped with all the amenities you’ll need to make an enjoyable home-cooked meal. For those lazy days where cooking for a family just isn’t on your to-do list, the lodge’s restaurant has you covered with meals that even the fussiest members of your family will enjoy. If you’re itching to get into or out on the water, Paint Lake Lodge is the perfect spot to do it from. Rent a boat at the lodge, or make arrangements with the lodge to get out on to the water for the day for a fee, and you’re set! The lake is filled with little bays for privacy to those in search of it and the opportunities for fishing this lake are endless.

Bakers Narrows Lodge

If you’re really wanting to bond with your kids by experiencing all that nature has to offer; fishing lakes, swimming for hours, lounging around and taking in the stunning views, then we highly recommend Bakers Narrows Lodge as the spot for doing just that. Approximately a 20-minute drive from Flin Flon and overlooking Lake Athapapuskow, this lodge offers the best of both worlds: rustic stays in modernized accommodations. Hike the trails, canoe or kayak the lake, relax as your kids enjoy the well-laid-out playground, stash your bikes and break them out for an evening ride, or cliff jump into pristine waters, swim your way back to shore and do it all over again. With endless activities at Bakers Narrows Lodge, planning your family’s days here will be a breeze.

Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge

The Aikens Experience didn’t come by its name haphazardly. Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge has made a point of leaving its guests with lasting memories and dreams of coming back for more. So just what exactly is the Aikens Experience? Well it all begins with the location, of course. Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge is a fly-in lodge that’s only two hours away from Winnipeg in Atikaki Provincial Park. Like many of Manitoba’s lodges, you’ll be treated to the serenity of nature and the seclusion of the boreal forest. Next, you have the handcrafted cabins with luxurious accommodations that rival those of other rustic five-star stays. Wildlife abound in this provincial park will leave your kids in awe – if the fly-in experience didn’t already do the trick! Not to mention, the fishing at this lodge is world class and the shore lunches are to delicious. Kids will especially enjoy splashing in the calm waters surrounding the lodge.


Paint Lake Lodge

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