Where to find a wild polar bear in a Winnipeg alley

Posted November 10, 2017 | Author Austin

Wolseley is one of the most unique areas in Winnipeg to walk around in, both during the summer and winter months. The neighbourhood, architecture and the murals are what make this area of the city so unique. However, there is a beautiful new addition to the area and it’s something that will transport you right up to northern Manitoba. Let’s go for a walk down Kal Barteski’s Back Alley Arctic!

You can find it in the alley between Canora and Ethelbert Street, situated in the section between Wolseley and Westminster Avenue.

It is so captivating to see such ordinary garages turned into masterpieces like this!

Coming from someone who has been fortunate enough to swim with beluga whales in Churchill, this painting transports me right back to the feeling I had being submerged in the Hudson Bay with these majestic creatures!

Don’t forget to look for the little penguins and polar bear cubs hidden in all parts of the alley!

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