2023 Guide to Manitoba Fall Suppers

Posted September 07, 2023 | Author Shel Zolkewich

There’s a culinary rite of passage in Manitoba every autumn. It’s called the fall supper and permission is hereby granted to don your stretchy pants and head for a small town for roast turkey, freshly baked pie and an extra helping on hospitality.

Did we miss a fall supper? Send an email with the date, name, location, time and cost of the supper to bsewards@travelmanitoba.com to get added to the list.

Before you make your plans, here are our tips for attending a fall supper in the community near you:

· Fall suppers begin as early as mid-September and run until mid-November. The sweet spot of suppers seems to be the third week in October.

· Advanced tickets are almost always mandatory so make plans ahead of time.

· Most fall suppers offer a half-price deal for kids. Buffet is the style of choice. Second helpings are encouraged—just make sure you leave room for pie.

· You may have to do some sleuthing to find a fall supper near you if you can’t find your favourite on this list. Check grocery store bulletin boards, pay a visit to nearby community halls and ask your rural friends.

· Many fall suppers are organized by church groups, so be prepared to bow your head before your meal. Part of the blessing may also be delivered in a language other than English.


Sept 9 | Winnipeg Beach, Winnipeg Beach Royal Canadian Legion Fall Supper, Winnipeg Beach’s Royal Canadian Legion

5:00 PM, $20

Notes: take out dinners available | Tickets: relbr61@mymts.net

Sept 23 | Grosse Isle: Harvest Supper, Grosse Isle Recreation Centre

4:30-6:00 PM, $20

Notes: take out only | Tickets: grossislemb.com

Sept 16 | Steep Rock: Steep Rock Fall Supper, Steep Rock Hall

5:00-7:00 PM, $20

Tickets: steeprockcc@gmail.com

Sept 17 | Gimli: St. Michael’s Fall Supper, St. Michael’s Church

12:30 & 4:00 & 5:30 PM, $2

Sept 23 | St. Andrews: Lower Fort Garry Fall Supper, Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site

3:00 & 5:30 pm

Tickets: lifealittlesweeter.net

Sept 23 | Lundar: Lundar Sportsplex Dinner and Dance, Lundar Curling Rink

5:30 pm, $40

Sept 24 | Gimli: Gimli New Horizons Fall Supper, Gimli New Horizons 55+ Activity Centre

3:30-6:30 PM, $20

Notes: Eat in or take out | Tickets: gimli55@mts.net

Oct 7 | Poplarfield: Poplarfield Perogie Dinner and Dance, Poplarfield Community Hall

5:00-8:00 PM, $30 (dance only $10)

Nov 20 | Arborg: Arborg & District Multicultural Heritage Village Fall Supper, Arborg Community Hall

2:30-4:30 PM, $25

Notes: Dance from 1-5 PM, fall supper free with purchase of membership | Tickets: pat_eyolfson@hotmail.com

Nov 4 | Broad Valley: Broad Valley Hall

Tickets: broadvalleyhall@gmail.com

Oct 29 | Eriksdale: Eriksdale Rec Centre

4:30-6:00 PM, $20 Adults, $7 6-12 years old, 5 and under free

Notes: Take out and delivery in town available. Tickets from Vienna 204-739-8276


Sept 10 | Pansy, Annual Pansy Fall Supper, Pansy Hall

3:00-6 PM, $22

Notes: Ukrainian smorgasbord | Tickets: germainleanne@gmail.com

Sept 16 | Woodridge: Woodridge Fall Supper, Woodridge Community Centre

4:00-6:00 PM, $25 | Tickets: Vintage Corner Store, Woodridge Garage

Sept 17 | Gardenton, Ukrainian Museum and Village Society Fall Supper

3:00-6:00 pm, $17.50

Sept 23 | Beausejour: Community Hall Fall Supper, Brokenhead River Community Hall

5:00 PM, $35

Notes: live band

Sept 24 | Ste. Anne: UCWLC Fall Supper, Ste. Anne Ukrainian Catholic Church

3:00 PM, $20

Oct 7 | Rosa: Fall Supper, Shevchenko Ukrainian Centre

3:00-6:00 PM, $20

Oct 14 | Beausejour: Pioneer Village Museum Fall Supper, Brokenhead River Community Hall

5:00 PM, $40

Notes: music, comedy entertainment |Tickets: pioneervillagemuseum@gmail.com

Oct 14 | Sundown: Perogy Supper in Support of Susydka Dance Club, Sirko Hall

4:00-6:00 PM | $12

Notes: take out available

Oct 15 | Ridgeville: Ridgeville Fall Supper, Ridgeville Centennial Hall

4:30-7:00 PM, $20

Notes: take out available | Tickets at the door

Oct 22 | Friedensfeld, Friedensfeld Community Centre Fall Dinner, Friedensfeld Community Centre

11:30 AM-2:00 PM, $25

Tickets: friedensfeldcc@gmail.com


Sept 23 | Elie: Elie Drive Thru Harvest Supper, Elie Community Club

4:00-6:00 PM, $16

Notes: meals must be reserved in advance | Ticket: eliecommunityclub.com

Oct 22 | Westbourne: Fall Supper, Westbourne Community Hall

4:30-6:30 PM, $20 Adults, $10 kids 6-12, Under 5 free

Notes: Purchase tickets at the door

Sept 29 | Brandon: Brandon Redeemer Lutheran Church

Oct 21 | Austin: Austin Community Hall

5:00-7:00 PM, $25 Adults, $10 Age 7 to 12, 6 and under free

Notes: Beef fall supper. Advance Tickets available at Stride Credit Union Austin branch, Phil's Corner Store or email austinarealions.mb@gmail.com. Take out available.

Nov 11 | MacGregor: MacGregor United Church

4:00-6:30 PM, $20 Adults, Discount for Children


Sept 16 | Winkler: Winkler Bible Camp Fall Supper, Winkler Bible Camp

4:30-6:00 PM

Notes: Dine in or drive through

Sept 24 | La Salle: La Salle Fall Supper, Caisse Community Centre

3:00-7:00 PM, $20

Notes: take out available | Tickets at the door only

Sept 24 | St. Leon: St. Leon Community Fall Supper, St. Leon Recreation Hall

4:00-7:00 PM, $20 | Tickets: monique.martel53k@gmail.com

Oct 29 | Emerson: Emerson Fall Supper, Emerson Complex


Sept 14 | Norwood St. Boniface Legion Fall Supper, St. Boniface Legion

4:00 PM, $25

Notes: dance from 1-4 PM

Oct 15 | MMOC Parish Fall Supper, Mary Mother of the Church Parish

4:00 PM-7:00PM, Adults $20, Children ages 6-12 $10, 5 and under Free

Ticket sales starting Sept 23-24, 2023. Call office at 204- 261-1579 or email admin@mmoc.ca

Oct 22 | St. Norbert Fraternal Order of Eagles Fall Brunch, St. Norbert Fraternal Order of Eagles

10:00 AM-1:00 PM, $12

Nov 4 | All Saints Fall Supper & Dance, 1500 Day Street

5:00 PM, $35 Adults, $20 12 years old and under

Notes: Tickets from Emil 204-488-2200 or Ted 431-279-4965


Oct 1 | Wanless: Fall Supper, Wanless Community Club

Adults: $20 | Children 6-12 years old $10 | 5 and under free

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