Snuggle into a strange structure in Manitoba’s Parkland

Posted March 08, 2017 | Author Breanne Sewards

These structures may be strange to some, but they are right at home here in Manitoba.

Don’t worry, we aren’t talking about something extra-terrestrial (sorry to excite the UFO enthusiasts), but rather a unique set of accommodations available to those who venture into Manitoba’s gorgeous Parkland. Ditch your standard tent and spend your next outdoor adventure in one of these interesting (and rentable) structures…


Riding Mountain National Park

If you’re not a fan of setting up and tearing down a tent, the oTENTik is the perfect alternative for stress-free camping in Riding Mountain National Park. Groups or families can reserve these awesome a-frame structures year-round, with a sleeping area that fits up to 6 as well as a table and a seating area. All oTENTiks have electricity, interior lighting, a heater and an outlet for all your charging needs.


Riding Mountain National Park

The Micro-Cube isn’t exactly what you’d expect to find in the middle of the woods. It is, however, ideal for camping (or should we say, glamping) for a few reasons. The large windows allow for an open-concept feel, much different than the closed in feeling of being in a tent, while the interior amenties (a double bed, two chairs and a table) makes for a relaxed outdoor experience.

Double tent

Riding Mountain National Part

It’s a double tent all the way! I know, I know, I said ditch the tent – but Double Tents are twice as cool, and therefore, completely appropriate for this list. The design includes a smaller interior tent and a large exterior tent – the former which contains a bed, a small table and a set of chairs. The bug-proof exterior tent also comes equipped with chairs and a table; creating two separate living quarters ideal for families.


Rossburn, Asessippi, Wasagaming

The yurt life is the good life. Originating in Mongolian tradition, the modern version of the yurt consists of a wood frame enveloped in canvas; creating an undeniably cozy and charming night under the stars. There are a few options for yurtin’ it up in the Parkland. Rossman Yurts are perched alongside the sunny shores of Rossman lake, just a few minutes south from Riding Mountain National Park and 10 minutes north-east from Rossburn, Manitoba. Parks Canada’s yurt has a new home in Riding Mountain National Park, now located in the Wasagaming Campground. If neither of those locations suit your needs, gaze through the skylight with a furry friend by your side in one of the pet-friendly Asessippi yurts instead.

Crooked Mountain Cabins

Riding Mountain National Park

What’s so special about a cabin, you might ask? Crooked Mountain Cabins are nestled into the southeast end of Riding Mountain National Park, situated on elevated lookouts for the ideal panoramic view of the surrounding region. ‘Enchanting’ is one word that comes to mind for this group of cabins – but none so much as the Fiddlehead Cabin that comes equipped with a hand-made sauna that Bilbo Baggins himself would surely appreciate for its whimsical, hobbit-friendly design.

Barn in the Bush


Have you ever stayed over night in a barn before? Don’t worry, there are no farm animals currently residing in this one. Barn in the Bush overlooks the stunning Lake of the Prairies, located only 7 minutes away from popular attractions like the Asessippi Ski Area & Resort. There are 7 rooms in total in this large barn, each with their own private entrance.

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