Hot diggity dog: 8 spots in Manitoba for the YUMMIEST hotdogs ever

Posted May 01, 2018 | Author Breanne Sewards

Listen: we're not here to debate what actually defines a hotdog (is it a sausage in a long bun, or is it more than that? So many questions.), we're just here to tell you that the high and mighty burger has had plenty of time to shine, and we're ready to give the hotdog some of the spotlight. So here's our picks on where you can get a good ol' fashioned hotdog in Manitoba. There's no doubt that we missed some favourites - so tell us about YOUR picks in the comments!

Bell MTS Place

300 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg

The #WPGWhiteout is still going strong (GO JETS GO) which means even more opportunity to try the famed Jumbo Jet Dog. We would even go as far as to say no hockey game at the Bell MTS Place is complete without eating one of these foot long babies. You can find the Jumbo Jet Dog on the 100 and 300 levels, and don't shy away from getting ALL the fixings - yes, even the perogies!

Smoke n' Bobs

Various Winnipeg locations

Among all the hotdog stands that set up throughout the province in the summer months, Smoke n' Bobs is probably the most famous. Every lunch, business folk stream out from their offices to get a bite of one of these delicious dogs at their Portage Avenue and Fort Street location. They also have locations at Canadian Tire on Regent, Main & Bannatyne and in the Investors Group Field during Winnipeg Blue Bomber games.

Charley B's

850 Main Street, Winkler

Charley B's Classic Grill & Ice Cream Parlor is officially open for the season and ready to serve up some quality hotdogs! Since Charley B's focuses on using local products, like buns from the Manitou Bakery and meat from Winkler Meat, you can feel way less guilty about indulging a little during your visit. Notable hotdog menu items include The Amigo (hotdog on a stick wrapped in a tortilla, served with cheese sauce) and the bacon-wrapped Hound Dog.


The Forks Market, Winnipeg | 100 Provincial Trunk Hwy 44 and 608 River Road, Lockport

Did you really think we'd get through a post on hotdogs without mentioning Skinner's? This notorious hotdog joint has been kicking around since 1929, making it the oldest hot dog vendor in Manitoba. And with three locations throughout the province, you'll have no trouble finding time to try their world-famous hotdog.

Kyu Grill

The Forks Market, Winnipeg

Here's where things get a little iffy in terms of what makes a hotdog a hotdog. Kyu Grill's legendary Heroshima's may or may not fit the bill, but we just had to include these delectable meat-sandwich-thingos on our list! Favourites include the Cheezy Beef and Pork Belly Heroshimas, served on a sweet bun with Japanese inspired sauces. YUM.

Lanky's Restaurant

85 Grand Beach Road, Grand Marais

When embarking on a hotdog tour of Manitoba, it's simply impossible to miss Lanky's Restaurant, a beloved staple of the Grand Beach area. Why is it so well known, you ask? It may be the longest hotdog in all of Manitoba at a staggering 24 inches - YES, 24 inches. Don't miss your chance to try it on your next trip to the beach!

Yellow Dog Tavern

386 Donald Street, Winnipeg

It's no surprise that a place named Yellow Dog Tavern is known for its hotdog. The Yellow "Dog" Platter is a fan favourite, consisting of grilled Winnipeg Old Country hotdog on a toasted seseme bun with all the fixings: bacon, jalapenos, sauteed onions, cheddar and chipotle mayo. There's no going back to regular ketchup and mustard after trying this hotdog!

Half Moon Drive In

6860 Henderson Highway, Lockport

While the best hotdog in Lockport is still up for debate, we couldn't finish this list without including Half Moon Drive In: a retro institution that brings roadtrippers in from all over the province. This diner dates back to 1938 and has been serving up delectable hotdogs ever since. If you have yet to try Half Moon, the Moon Dog comes highly recommended, loaded with cheese, bacon, fried onions, pickles and mustard. What's more, the free Rockin on the Red Festival is the perfect time to plan a visit!

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