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Posted February 02, 2023 | Author Desiree Rantala

Shop, dine, explore, is the new live, laugh, love at Pineridge Hollow. Get ready to explore your own city to create your own story. If you're looking for a day trip, friends getaway, a sister reconnect, family fun, or the perfect mother-daughter double date, look no further. Imagine crisp fresh air on your face, divine flavours, selfies, sunshine, and spritzers. But wait, there's more. You hear your feet crunching on the snow as you trek from stop to stop. You smell aromas of dried sage, botanicals, and freshly baked sourdough bread. You sip a freshly brewed caramel latte and say "ahhhh, that's good". You see your mom's face light up when she tries on a sweater that makes her feel like a superstar. For when your hearts needs connection, culinary creativity, and all things cute n' cozy, there's Pineridge Hollow.

Put Some Pep In Your Step

Life. It's short, it's wonderful, it's challenging, it's beautiful, and the best part: we get to share it with the ones we love. On this particular day, I had a mother-daughter double date in mind. Why not! The place to go? Pineridge Hollow.

Pineridge Hollow is located twenty minutes North of Winnipeg near Birds Hill Provincial Park. Pineridge Hollow originally opened in 1992 by Jan Regehr. Her vision to create a sense of community was second to none. Over the years, she's cultivated house, heart, and home. Looking to try something different this year? Put some pep in your step and visit Pineridge Hollow for the perfect pick-me-up.

Brunch n' Bubbly

Pineridge Hollow Restaurant

Pineridge Hollow Restaurant

Pineridge Hollow Restaurant

Bask In Brunch

Basking in brunch with weekend morning sunlight is quite a delight. How about eggs benedict, a classic breakfast, or a fancy hashbrown poutine with pulled pork to start your day? Whether you’re looking for a snack, sip, or shareable, top up at the Pineridge Restaurant. Their bountiful menu truly does have something for everyone. Treat your taste buds to a little piece of heaven, or rather.. a whole plate! Oh, and how could we forget! What is brunch without a little bit o’ bubbly?

Pineridge Hollow Restaurant

Pineridge Hollow Restaurant

Pineridge Hollow Restaurant

Mocktails & Mimosas

We paired our brunch with mocktails and mimosas for that little extra something special. Whether you're a new mom, recently retired, beginning a new career, or wanting to spend more time with the grandkids, you deserve every bit of something extra. Pineridge Hollow's carefully crafted cocktail and mocktail menu combines new flavours with classic favourites. Choose from their assortment of mimosa's or opt in for something different such as a rosemary grapefruit spritzer or a berry lime smash! Remember, pics or it didn't happen. Cheers!

Visit The Village

The Village Square

Empty Cup Collective

The Village Square

Creating Connection

The Village at Pineridge Hollow is something to be desired, whether it's your first time or your seventh time! The Village is a perfect stop at any time of day, morning, afternoon, and evening. Peruse through an inside-outside, village-style concept that consists of a a plethora of shops and dining. Feel the sense of community as you warm up by a cozy fire, are greeted with a warm hello, or hear chit chat and laughter of those enjoying a local lager.

House In The Oak Trees

Flora Culture


Fill Your Cup

First things first; we needed caffeine. First stop on our shopping adventure? Empty Cup Collective for delicious handcrafted caffeinated beverages of wonder. We ordered a caramel latte, London fog and two sugar cookie lattes to go. There were four of us, and we each found a store that we fell in love with that felt "perfectly us." We felt right at home. There were stores ranging from tapestries and trinkets to plants and pillows. Everything cute and cozy, it was hard to not feel as if we were walking in a magazine at every turn! It meant the world to my friend and I to hear our moms giggling in the antique store at nostalgic items they hadn't seen since they were kids, and for ourselves, we gushed over absolutely everything!

Poplar & Birch

Buy The Shoes

There's the popular saying, "if you don't love it in the store you won't love it at home." And you know what, it's true! I recently purchased a new pair of red circular glasses and they are completely out of my comfort zone. But, they made me smile. They brought out that pizazz, that little special something, so I bought them. Sometimes we need those little reminders to treat ourselves, to take care of ourselves, and to have a little fun. Try on the sweater, smell that candle, and buy the dang shoes! Because well, if it makes you smile...

Poplar & Birch

Fun With Furry Friends

A Curious Crew

A visit to Pineridge Hollow isn't complete without stopping by to see the cutest, curious crew. Pineridge is home to friendly farm animals waiting to smile for you in the perfect snapshot. Here you'll find a family of Norwegian Dwarf Goats, Aster the donkey, and bunnies friends galore! The small but mighty furry crew will be just as happy to see you as you are to see them. Say hello, snap some selfies, and smile until your face hurts!

Spruce Things Up A Bit

Spruce Forest Room

Your Dome Away From Home

Spruce up those quality moments with a Pineridge Hollow Forest Room. Our Spruce Room dome away from home accommodated us with the creature comforts of home, such as comfy furniture, a cozy heated stove, coffee and tea supplies, and the most beautiful view into the woods.

Spruce Forest Room

Top Up On Tranquility & Treats

Serenity doesn't stop at the soul; it extends to the taste buds! Choose from a variety of Forest Room top-ups such as smores kits, a baked apple crumble, charcuterie boards, apple cider, and even hot dogs with all the fixings for kids! Psst, there are also alternative beverage options for adults such as wine and beer.

For The Love Of Cheese

More Cheese? Yes Please.

There's two unwritten rules about food. One: food tastes better outside. Two: food tastes better over a campfire. These are just facts! Now how about both of those concepts? I'm talking the most incredible melted cheese and a freshly toasted baguette over a campfire. Are you drooling yet? Let me introduce you to raclette.

Raclette. Not a croquette, not a cricket, not a rockets candy. Raclette is a Swiss cheese that is known for its low melting point, making it ideal for fondues and other cheese-melting worthy opportunities. Chef Jesse and his passion for creative culinary craft made our experience. He shared his culinary enthusiasm and love for cheese; it was endearing and fun. However, nothing can beat the bliss of waiting for that perfect ooey-gooey cheese melting moment. Get out your phones! You're going to want to capture this. #HereForTheCheese

Step Up Your Cheese Game

Caution: This experience is a dairy lovers dream. If you feel that you haven't quite had your fix and are longing for an even cheesier experience, stop in at The Farmer's Kitchen in the Village Square. They carry a variety of raclette cheeses, full of flavour and waiting to be taken home, by you! These cheeses are sourced through a Quebec cheese supplier, many of which are made in Canada. The raclette experience that is offered at Pineridge Hollow is truly one of the best ways to try a unique cheese experience over the campfire!

Even More Cheese

Some of the raclette cheese available at the Farmer's Kitchen as well as Chef Jesse's recommendations include:

Raclette fritz kaiser

A very traditional standard raclette.

Mushroom truffle oka raclette
This raclette is a personal favourite of Chef Jesse. It’s blend of earthy flavours such as mushrooms and truffle make it truly a unique cheese to add to your list!

Truffle meule raclette
This Raclette is creamy with a strong truffle flavour. It’s a wonderful pairing for pastas and a dry Chardonnay wine.

Smoked boucan raclette
This raclette is smokey and mild with a notable flavour. Melting it over the fire truly brings out the incredible flavours of this cheese. This is Chef Jesse's preferred cheese to use for a flavourful macaroni and cheese.

I'm sensing a cheese flight in my future...

When Your Heart Needs To Smile

Pineridge Hollow Restaurant

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Did you know that it takes 43 muscles to frown and 17 muscles to smile? It's easy to say that we can think of more than 17 reasons why Pineridge Hollow will make you smile. Laughter. It's good for the soul, it's good for the mind, body, and spirit. If you're looking for an opportunity to connect, channel your inner culinary curiosity, and want to envelop yourself in all things cute and cozy, this is the place for you.

It's possible to have those private and precious moments that were made for you, and it's easy when those moments are #PerfectlyPineridge.

For when your heart needs to smile, there is Pineridge Hollow.

Travel Manitoba staff was hosted by Pineridge Hollow, who did not review or approve this story.

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