6 Winnipeg Whiteout fashion tips to help get your street party outfit on point

Posted April 12, 2023 | Author Joey Traa

In a city which sees its fair share of blizzards throughout the winter, there’s one kind of whiteout Winnipeggers welcome with open arms come spring time - and that whiteout comes with a Winnipeg Jets playoff run.

Since the Jets' return to Winnipeg in 2011, hockey fans in Winnipeg have proven to be some of the loudest, proudest, and most creative fans in the league.

While our world famous Whiteout tradition historically stayed underneath the roof of our home barn, our fans took things up a notch in 2018, pouring out onto the streets for epic Street Parties next to the arena on Donald Street that kept getting bigger, and bigger every home game.

Well, the Jets are back in the playoffs, and the Street Parties are back, promising to be bigger and better than ever. With that in mind, we’ve got a few "fashion" tips to help you match the passion, creativity, and outlandishness you’re likely to see from Jets fans repping the Whiteout on the streets this spring.

Check back for more details on the 2023 Whiteout Street Parties!

Painter coveralls = Whiteout onesie

One of the more common looks you’ll see at the Street Party is folks donning the painter coveralls look, aka: The Whiteout Onesie (I don’t think people actually call it that, so don’t say that confidently as if it’s a thing people say - but if you do, and people like it...tell them you got it from me).

It’s a genius idea, really. A quick Google search shows you can pick these up for anywhere from $5-$25, and it’ll get you decked out in white from head to toe (ankle). The hidden bonus here is you can throw on some layers underneath to stay warm and comfortable without sacrificing your commitment to the cause.

Whiteout with a wedding dress

Out of the countless awesome stories that came out of previous year's playoff runs, Eddie Bartlett and Rebecca Hiscock’s is one of my favourites. After getting married just a couple hours before Game 5 of the Jets first-round series against the Minnesota Wild, Eddie and Rebecca chose to ride into a whiteout instead of riding off into the sunset on their wedding day. The two huge Jets fans B-lined it from their ceremony to Donald Street in full wedding regalia, and took in the Street Party festivities to cheer on their favourite team. Thankfully for them (Jets fans) it was a magical day for the newly weds as the Jets took Game 5 capping off their first playoff series victory since their return to Winnipeg.

All that to say: why not a wedding dress? Typically, they're very white, and when else are you going to wear it? Granted, with April temperatures you may need a layer or two underneath - it’s only the first round after all.

It doesn’t need to make sense

Sometimes the best costumes don’t make a lick of sense, and that’s OK! As Jets fans, we’re bold, and eccentric, and we have the confidence and gravitas to wear even the most ridiculous of costumes. Here we have what appears to be a snowman, some big glasses, a statue, Stanley Cup head, a panda, and Darth Vader. And honestly? I think it’s really working for them.

Find the local legends

Maybe you’re not the costume type, and you’re just wearing a regular white shirt and you’re not feeling overly spirited. That’s OK too! There’s plenty of spirit to go around. If you’re looking for inspiration and people to get you hyped, look for your local “legends” who are fixtures during the Jets biggest moments. Whether it’s Dancing Gabe, Waldorf or Statler, if you grab a picture with these Jets celebs you’ll look cooler by proxy.

Pets can participate

I don’t know about you, but my dog is way more interesting and cooler looking than I am. When you’re thinking of your freshest Whiteout outfit for the big game, don’t let your pets feel left out! I mean, come on! Forget about a hot dog stand, these cuties are the real Jets Dogs! Heeeyoo! I can do this all day...

Jerseys are A-OK

With all that said, the Street Party and the Whiteout are really about two things: Getting loud, and wearing white. And I guess rooting for the Jets...but I’m assuming that’s implied. So if you’ve only got a jersey? Awesome! Wear it. It’s a classic look, and it shows you’re ready to go.

But even if all you’ve got is a white shirt, you’ll fit in just fine. The Street Party is for everyone. GO JETS GO!

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