6 ways to quench your thirst this summer in Manitoba

Posted May 16, 2023

As the temperature rises, there's nothing quite like a refreshing beverage to beat the heat and keep you cool. Whether you're packing for a weekend of camping or inviting friends over for a backyard BBQ, Manitoba offers a variety of local, delicious and thirst-quenching beverages. Get ready to sip, savour and discover some of the best drinks that Manitoba has to offer!

Wooden Gate Cider

Wooden Gate Cider is a small-batch, family-owned cidery and winery near Pilot Mound that produces vintage ciders and natural wines. They use 100% Manitoba apples and local fruits for their ciders, and whole grapes for their natural wines. If you're a fan of a crisp beverage on a hot summer's day, a local cider is always a good choice! You can order ciders directly from the Wooden Gate Cider website.

Where to enjoy: On the dock at the cottage

Prism Kombucha

Peach mojito, cranberry spice, ginger lemonade - these are just a few of the sublime flavours available from Prism Kombucha!

Produced by St-Léon Gardens, a beloved local family-run market since 1979, this kombucha brand is brewed at FortWhyte Alive using traditional fermentation methods. The kombucha incorporates Canadian wild-foraged ingredients, organic teas, and organic cane sugar.

Where to enjoy: At a picnic in the park

Brite Water

Move aside, Bubly. There's a local option in town! Made with water sourced right here in Manitoba, this sparkling water is good for you AND the planet, with a focus on environmentally friendly production. Grab the variety pack to try all four brite water flavours - mint lime, raspberry lemon, pineapple, coconut and peach mango.

Where to enjoy: On an epic road trip through Manitoba

Kilter Brewing Co.

The name behind Kilter Brewing name originates from the desire to live a balanced lifestyle and to enjoy the little pleasures in life - like great beer! In addition to fun seasonal beers, there are three must-try brews from Kilter are the Vintage Pilsner (crisp with delicate notes of honey), Waves (tropical and dry-hopped) and Juicii (DOUBLE dry-hopped).

Where to enjoy: In their little slice of paradise...aka, the Kilter Brewing Taproom

Patent 5 Distillery

Patent 5 has cracked the code to create a gin that's light, soft, and full of fun - the Manitoba Wild Rose Pomelo Gin! Inspired by the wild roses of Manitoba, they've carefully selected a botanical mix that will transport your taste buds to floral paradise. It's a playful and perfectly balanced concoction that will certainly inspire new and creative cocktails during your next summer soiree.

Where to enjoy: In your backyard under twinkling lights

Fruit de la Vie

Fruit de la Vie Juice Co. is all about raising the bar when it comes to quality. They take pride in using fresh, organic ingredients and go the extra mile by sourcing local produce from Manitoba farms. Get ready to nourish yourself with every sip, as Fruit de la Vie Juice Co. brings you the goodness of nature in every bottle.

Where to enjoy: At the end of a morning hike