6 fun and wacky roadside attractions to visit this summer in Manitoba's Interlake

Posted May 27, 2020 | Author Breanne Sewards

Feeling a bit cooped up lately? Pack a picnic, round up the kids and take a leisurely drive up highway 7 and across to highway 17. Along the way, you will find a fine collection of the Interlake's roadside gems: from a giant curling rock to mushroom monuments.

1. Komarno: Mosquito

What's the buzz in Komarno, Manitoba? The giant mosquito statue, of course! The roadside attraction honours the town name: a Ukrainian word that means “lots of mosquitos.” And just to clear the air: the mosquitos in Manitoba aren't nearly as big of concern as they are made out to be, so be reassured you can have a great time outdoors this summer with the right preparation.

2. Meleb: Mushrooms

Built in 1994, the Meleb-Park-Cumming Mushroom Statue is a collection of three fiberglass mushrooms. The mushrooms are modelled after local delicacies: smorzhi (May morels), kozari (red tops) and pidpenky. While we strongly advise against foraging for mushrooms without an expert on hand, all three mushrooms can still be found in the Meleb woods.

3. Arborg: Curling Rock

Mark down Manitoba for another world record! Arborg is home to the world's largest curling rock - a true testament to our love for the sport. Located next to the curling club, the monument is a tribute to two local high school teams who earned Provincial Curling Championship titles.

4. Poplarfield: King Buck

In Poplarfield, the King Buck statue is a way for the townsfolk to show their appreciation for one of the most important animals of the region. Located in the community's park, the statue features a large white-tailed deer and depicts the importance of the animal for sustenance to the early pioneers and the families that live there today.

5. Fisher Branch: Wagon Wheel

What's not to love about a giant wheel? Erected in 2015, the wheel is located in the park on the east side of Fisher Branch. The wheel is a visual representation of the town's slogan: “A community reinventing the wheel."

6. Inwood: Garter Snakes

Meet S-sam and S-sarah, the two garter snakes of Inwood, Manitoba. The statue is a monument to the nearby Narcisse Snake Dens: where the world's largest concentration of red-sided garter snakes occurs every spring. Find the slithery statue on the northeast side of town in Inwood Park, next to the Interlake Pioneer Trail.

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