5 small towns in Manitoba that will charm and delight you

Posted May 23, 2019 | Author Breanne Sewards

Love uncovering the small town gems of Manitoba? So do we! Wherever your next adventure takes you, plan to stop into one of these 5 adorable towns, communities and villages for a stroll, a bite to eat and a photo-op along the way.


There's more to this small town than Arthur, the 8 foot tall bull statue (although he does make for a fun photo). Walk beneath the arches that line the street of Russell and head to Bin 22 Coffee Company, the town's beloved coffee shop that serves all the usual suspects along with some unique signature blended drinks ("bin busters). If you prefer to shop while sipping a warm beverage, try TinHouse Designs & Coffee Co. where you can find unique pieces of art by designer Tyler Kilkenny.

You will also want to spend some time getting to know the history of the town through a self-guided walking tour. Stops include the Smellie Block, the Red House and the Old Anglican Rectory.


Stonewall makes for an excellent day trip for those looking to explore outside of Winnipeg. Start your visit with a look into this town's past at the Stonewall Quarry Park, an 80 acre multi-use park where you can swim, picnic, explore the walking trails and learn about the history of the area at the museum.

Next, visit the gorgeous turn-of-the-century home that now houses the McLeod House Team Room & Gift Shop and spend the afternoon feeling fancy and quaint at high tea. Alternatively, if you need a quick bite to eat, The Kiln is a popular summer spot for burgers, fries and ice cream!

For shopping, The Grande Bazaar offers an amazing collection of antiques and oddities.

If you find yourself in Stonewall during the month of June, head just outside of town to Boonstra Farms, where you can pick strawberries during the annual berry harvest.


If you enjoy travelling solely for food, Beausejour may be the next destination for you. Want drive-in or diner food? Take your pick from the Airliner Drive Inn (which by the way, has a runway for planes), The Beausejour Dairy Bar and Vickie's Snack Bar. What's more, there's also Blue Haze BBQ, Le Beau Cafe and Fudgerie and Rivers Edge Golf & Country Club (situated along the picturesque Brokenhead River with a screened-in patio) to choose from. So many options, so little time.

Beausejour is the proud home of the Beau Pioneer Village Museum, small pioneer village recreation with a log house, school, hall, blacksmith shop, Ukrainian Church and more. Even more unique is The Manitoba Glass Works Historic Site, the first glass container factory in Western Canada, open to the public during the summer. Another bonus of visiting Beausejour in the summertime? The gorgeous daylily garden, made up of 600 daylily cultivars, thousands of iris, peonies, lilies, and many ornamental shrubs and trees. ​


Technically speaking, Dunnottar is a village that encompasses the communities of Whytewold, Ponemah and Matlock that sit on the western shore of Lake Winnipeg. Regardless, this area is darn cute and evokes all the happy-go-lucky feelings of summer. Here, lazy days are spent navigating the town's narrow lanes by bike, sunbasking on the beach and admiring the old, bright cottages that line the streets.

It is also home to the photogenic and signature Matlock Piers; hand-made, wooden structures perched high above the water.

Known as one of the best kept secrets of the Interlake, Whytewold Emporium is a must-stop for wood-fired pizza and hand-crafted crepes from Brittany. Alternatively, in true Manitoba fashion, Ukrainian food is only a hop and a skip away at Julia's Place.


You'll know you're in Glenboro when you see Sara the Camel, located at the junction of Cochrane Street and Highway #2. Sara is emblematic of the Spirit Sands of Spruce Woods Provincial Park, located just six miles north of the community. So, if you're headed to the park for hiking or camping, be sure to stop into Glenboro on the way.

The town features an old-fashioned main street with a functioning small movie theatre and eateries such as the Ho Ho Cafe, the Glenboro Bake Shop and the Glenboro Drive In.

In the summertime, the Burrough of the Gleann Museum opens to provide a glimpse into the lives of early settlers of the Glenboro South Cypress area from the late 1800s to 1950s.

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