5 essentials for a Winnipeg Whiteout

Posted April 21, 2023 | Author Miranda McGregor

82 games, highs, lows, and a whole lot of nail biting later…The Winnipeg Jets are going back to the playoffs and that means another Winnipeg Whiteout!

The Winnipeg Whiteout has been a hockey tradition since 1987 when fans were asked to wear white clothing to the home playoff games. When the Jets made the playoffs in 2018, the party was extended outside of the arena and a new tradition began — the Winnipeg Whiteout Street Parties.

This epic outdoor party has historically taken place next to the arena on Donald Street, and as the playoffs continued, it only got bigger and better every home game.

It’s not every day the Winnipeg Jets make the playoffs, so whether you’re partying inside the arena, outside on the street, at a local pub for grub, or at home on the couch, gather your friends, get your gear, and find out all the essentials you’ll need for one of Winnipeg’s biggest sports celebrations! Here are 5 essentials for a Winnipeg Jets Whiteout.

1. Dress to Impress

It’s a given that white is the theme of the party but if you don’t own white and need to find something on short notice why not hit up a thrift store? You’re sure to find lots of white clothing for cheap, and you’ll feel good for making an eco-friendly choice. You never know what you might find! A big white coat? Glittery white boots? Make sure to grab layers for the early days of the playoffs when Winnipeg evenings are still chilly.

Speaking of chilly…snag a white Travel Manitoba MB toque to stay on theme and keep your head warm! Don’t forget to wear the most comfortable shoes you own. You can bring a lawn chair but you’ll want to arrive early to get a spot up front.

If you’re wanting to have a little more fun than classic white tees and pants, don’t be afraid to go a little crazy with your fit. These parties have seen everything from wedding dresses, to masks, white wigs, beards, face paint, and tutus!

If team logos are more your vibe, grab a white (away) Jets jersey or official Winnipeg Jets 2023 Whiteout apparel at any Jets Gear location in Winnipeg. You can shop Jets Gear online or in-person at:

• 1225 St. Mary’s Rd #23, Winnipeg
• 1555 Regent Ave W, Winnipeg
• 300 Portage Ave, Winnipeg
• 1485 Portage Ave, Winnipeg

2. hungry hungry jets fans

Pre Game Sports Bar, Winnipeg

Mossey River Inn, Winnipegosis

TR McKoys, Wasagaming

Cheering on your team can really make you work up an appetite, so you gotta grab some grub. You’re going to need a good meal for all the excitement and energy of Street Parties. The downtown Winnipeg party zone will have a number of food trucks to choose from, but maybe a restaurant is more your style.

Luckily, there’s some great spots close to the party to grab delicious eats. Whether you’re looking for a burger, tacos, or pizza, here’s some recommendations to get you started:

Brown’s Social House – 311 Portage Ave
Tavern United – 345 Graham (Access to Canada Life Centre)
Shark Club – 233 Hargrave St (Access to Canada Life Centre)
LOCAL Public Eatery – 274 Garry St
The Merchant Kitchen – 314 Donald St

You can find a full list of all the downtown eateries at DowntownWinnipegBiz.com and here's a list of spots screening the game.

Tip: There’s no re-entry into the Street Parties or Canada Life Centre so if you’re planning on getting some food make sure to go before you scan your ticket.

Make A Fan Favourite Food

DIY Jet Dog

Staying home to cheer on the team? Make your very own Jumbo Jet Dog! These are a game day favourite, known for their massive size and gourmet toppings. Try including cheese, bacon, onions, or pierogi pieces! Warning, napkins and a fork may be required...

3. get ready to get loud

Credit True North Sports and Entertainment

One of the best ways to show support for your team is to bring the noise! Cowbells are a Manitoba favourite at any sporting event but horns, clappers, and thunder sticks are great alternatives. If you’re a crafty type or have little ones who want to participate in the fun, try making your own noise maker by putting dried beans, rice, pennies, beads or any combination of these in an empty jar with a lid.

Looking to make noise the old fashioned way? Warm up your pipes before the game and join in the “Go Jets Go” chants all night long! Be prepared for a hoarse voice the next day…

Tip: Get in the know and connect with the Jets community through the Jets 360 App.

4. plan a safe ride home

When the party’s over, it’s good to have a plan for getting home (or wherever the next party is) safely. Winnipeg Transit buses run right downtown, making it easy to get to and from the party. You can visit WinnipegTransit.com for bus routes and schedules.

Carpooling is an eco-friendly option (and who doesn’t love a good carpool karaoke?). You can use a ride-sharing app like Uber, call a local taxi, or become a member with Peg City Car Co-op. Looking to safely drive yourself? Tune into helpful parking apps such as hangTag, PayByPhone, and GrydPark.

If the weather’s nice, or you’re just an avid cycler, you might want to ride your bike downtown or to your final destination. It’ll make for an easy escape when the crowds flee the scene in hoards.

Tip: Bus routes will be affected by street closures so make sure to check them out when planning your trip.

5. put some PEP in your step

Credit True North Sports and Entertainment

Credit True North Sports and Entertainment

The last, and possibly most important essential for a Winnipeg Jets Whiteout is to put some PEP in your step. We're talkin' Pride, Enthusiasm, and Passion. The Whiteout is a demonstration of community and a chance for Manitoba to come together in a shared celebration.

So, wherever you’re watching from, bring your pride for your city and team. Bring your enthusiasm for the celebration. Bring your passion for the Winnipeg Jets.

Canada Life Centre, Winnipeg

If you’ve never been to or experienced a Winnipeg Jets Whiteout before, you’re in for a treat! And don’t worry if you don’t know a ton about hockey, the Whiteout is for everyone. Now that you’ve got the essentials, you’re ready to get loud and cheer on your team, Jets fans! Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the excitement. GO JETS GO!

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