3 great ways to take the stress out of airport travel

Posted July 09, 2019 | Author Reba Lewis

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to airports, I have an unspoken uneasiness that gets acutely worse as my departure date approaches. Like it or not, some of us have to travel, while for others, it’s an indescribable need to venture out and explore another destination. We get it and we don’t blame you.


In fact, with the help of Winnipeg Airports Authority, we decided to find ways to help ease some of that stress and get you on your way to your next destination in comfort. Here are three ways travelling through Winnipeg Richardson International Airport can be a little less stressful.

1. 24-Hour Valet & Away

The next time you have to travel, you’re going to want to consider this service! Valet & Away is a convenient way to leave your vehicle and worries behind when you’re hopping on a plane. The service is a no-brainer and works equally well for business travellers and families. We simply pulled up to the building terminal where a valet attendant took charge of the vehicle and keys. Next, we made our way to the Valet & Away kiosk where we left a copy of our travel itinerary behind and collected a confirmation receipt.

Airport check in

Hassle-Free Security

Let’s be completely honest: going through airport security checkpoints are never fun. Ever. But with Valet & Away, you gain access to the pre-board screening priority line, which means no long line ups for you and anyone accompanying you. If you’re a planner like me, and prefer to put things in place ahead of your travels, you can pre-book your way through the Valet & Away service online. And with summer in full swing, this service comes with some surprisingly impressive deals that make it even more worthwhile than self-parking at the airport.

Bonus Tip: Dress comfortably for the airport.

Remember when everyone used to dress up to catch a flight? Well today, with all the hassles that go with travel, dressing up isn’t such a priority anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still pull off effortless and comfy in one outfit. Wearing shoes with little to no heel means that you’re less likely to be asked by security to take them off. And if you wear pants that don’t require a belt, you won’t need to worry about taking one off or replacing it after you’re past security.

2. Work Off Your Stress with Some Retail Therapy

If you’ve never considered the airport as a shopping destination, you may want to rethink that, especially if you’re a bargain shopper. Airports are often touted as pricey places to shop, and there is some truth in that belief, but you will be pleasantly surprised by some of the deals available at the PGA Tour and Lolë stores, where flash sales are frequent and rather generous. While I didn’t go in to either of these stores with the intention of shopping, I certainly left not regretting any of my purchases.

pga tour shop

3. Dine. Relax. Dine. Repeat. at the Plaza Premium Lounge

Even with all my advanced planning, I’m often running around on the day I’m scheduled to travel second-guessing all that advanced planning. This often means I leave home hungry and unhappy. This is where the Plaza Premium Lounge came in and saved the day. Unlike most other airport lounges, where membership is required, the Plaza Premium Lounge is a pay-per-use provider, open to any traveller with a boarding pass, looking for a place to relax ahead of their flight, refuel if they haven’t had a chance to eat, or catch up on light reading or work.

plaza premium lounge

Upon Your Return

Want to know the best part of using the Valet & Away service? Upon your return, your vehicle will be ready and waiting for you in front of the arrivals terminal. While in the summertime this may seem like no big deal, during Manitoba’s winter months, it can mean everything to have your vehicle heated and waiting for you. We even returned to find the surprise of sweet treat placed in the vehicle as a warm welcome home.

gift box

Travel Manitoba staff was hosted by the Winnipeg Airports Authority, which did not review or approve this story.

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