15 romantic ideas for outdoor proposals in Manitoba

Posted February 07, 2023 | Author Breanne Sewards

Ahh February. 'Tis the season of love, romance and sweetness. It's no surprise that you might have commitment on the mind and we're here to help. Here are 15 locations that make the perfect backdrop for marriage proposals - now or in the future.

Bridge to romance

Whiteshell River Suspension Bridge

📍 Whiteshell Provincial Park

Hike for love and get down on one knee on the Whiteshell River Suspension Bridge. The bridge is located on a hiking trail found just off of Nutimik Lake campground.

Hanson's Creek Bridge

📍 Whiteshell Provincial Park

Take a stroll with your special someone down the Centennial Trail in Whiteshell Provincial to find this bright red bridge that makes for a cute backdrop for any declaration of love. Hiking in the winter? Bring some hand warmers to keep your partner's hands and heart warm along the way.

Souris Bridge

📍 Souris

Swing into the seasons of love on the iconic Souris Swinging Bridge. The town makes for fun explorations after you hear your highly-anticipated YES. There's even free roaming peacocks during the summer months!

Dreamy views

Cliffs of Steep Rock

📍Steep Rock

Surprise your loved one with a trip up the Interlake to the town of Steep Rock. Here, you will find gorgeous blue waters and limestone cliffs that set the scene for your grand proposal. We recommend picking a day during the week or during the off-season to avoid crowds for your special moment. Winter creates an entirely different (yet still beautiful) environment at the cliffs!

Pisew Falls

📍 Pisew Falls Provincial Park

Follow the lead of local photographer Kyle Schappert and go the extra mile for your proposal. The roaring waters of Pisew Falls might mean you have to say 'will you marry me' a little louder, but the views are oh-so-worth it.

Under the northern lights

📍 Various locations

Here's an idea for the patient heart who's willing to wait for the perfect moment (keep that ring handy!). Download the Aurora App and plan your proposal for a day when northern lights are forecasted. Choose a location away from cities and towns where light pollution is at a minimum The further the north, the better. For proposals on the horizon, start planning your trip to Churchill during northern lights season.

Winnipeg sweethearts

Manitoba Legislative Grounds

📍 Winnipeg

Get swept away under the dazzling lights of the Manitoba Legislative Grounds. The grounds are a popular spot for wedding photography for good reason and provide a regal backdrop for your proposal.

St. Boniface Cathedral

📍 Winnipeg

Another epic backdrop in Winnipeg, the St. Boniface Cathedral has a few ideal spots for your big moment - we recommend under the middle arch of the structure for maximum effect.

Leo Mol Garden

📍 Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg

Summer is the ideal time for a proposal at the Leo Mol Garden, when the flowers are in full bloom and everything is just right. Choose a spot in the middle of the action or take a stroll to one of the garden's many sculptures - there's just something super romantic about this area of the Assiniboine Park.

Unique locations for love

Snow Maze

📍 St. Adolphe

Get lost with your boo but don't get frustrated - get engaged! The Snow Maze is bigger and better this year, with tons of secret rooms to discover (and propose in) throughout. Cap off the romantic day with a dinner reservation in the snow-carved setting of The Den.

Skating through an ice village

📍 Gimli

Plan a date to Gimli to check out the Ice Village and be sure to practice getting down on one knee while on skates ahead of time. The 1 km trail winds across the lake with a large rink at the entrance, a light tunnel and snow sculptures placed along the way. A warm up/lace up hut is also located at the entrance of the trail.

In a faraway location

📍 Churchill

What could be more romantic than a faraway location? Think adventure and intrigue without having to leave the province! Churchill fits the bill for both summer and polar bear season travel. Get engaged on the taiga or the love buggy - ahem, Tundra Buggy.

In the red chairs

📍 Riding Mountain National Park

Take in some of the most spectacular views in Riding Mountain National Park at the Parks Canada Red Chairs. These pairs of chairs already make for cute couple photos - so you can naturally capture your proposal by setting by your timer on your phone. There are 10 chair locations through the park, so find them all before the big proposal at the final set of chairs.

Among the smells and sounds of nature

Gardens at the Leaf

📍Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg

There are a number of ideal proposal spots scattered throughout the outdoor Gardens at the Leaf. Surround you and your soon-to-be-fiance with the smells of blossoming flowers and the sounds of grasses blowing gently in the wind. You can also head atop one of the mounds for a scenic view of the grounds and The Leaf.

Oak Hammock Marsh


Propose against the vibrant backdrop of one of Manitoba's most important migration staging areas. Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Centre is home to 300 species of birds that will use the marsh during migration and throughout the year, including warblers, sparrows as well as many shorebirds and birds of prey. Migration fly-ins are best viewed during the last week of September and the first few weeks of October.

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