10 spectacular views in Manitoba that you have to see with your own eyes

Posted September 26, 2018 | Author Breanne Sewards

Since most people still think of Manitoba as having only flat, prairie landscape, it may come as a surprise that our province actually has three diverse ecosystems: prairie, boreal and tundra.

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And within these three unique landscapes comes a variety of gorgeous and scenic settings. No, they aren't mountains, but we think you'll feel just as much awe in experiencing these 10 spectacular views in Manitoba...

Located 50 minutes south of Thompson, Pisew Falls is an absolute gem in Manitoba's waterfall repertoire. This view is also convenient in the sense that it can be taken in from the vantage point of two boardwalks that overlook the falls - no hiking required.

2. Clearwater Lake

If you like clear, blue water as far as the eye can see, you're going to LOVE Clearwater Lake. Situated in a Provincial Park of the same name (just a short drive from The Pas), the best view is accessible via the Caves Self-guiding Trail.

3. Tulabi Falls

It's no wonder that Nopiming Provincial Park translates to “Entrance to the Wilderness” in the Anishinabe language - considering it is home to fabulous views like that of Tulabi Falls. This popular camping area still has a backcountry feel, with a viewpoint that offers an amazing look at the wild surroundings.

4. Cape Merry

If you haven't yet experienced the taiga landscape of Churchill, Manitoba - close your eyes and imagine a vast stretch of land, marked only by boulders, orange lichen and the occasional field of fireweed. And while these features change with the season, Cape Merry is a gorgeous spot year-round to take in the scenery of the north. The historical site was an important post during the fur trade, and you can still see the limestone mortar and cannon battery today.

5. Bald Hill

Not for the faint of heart, the hike to Bald Hill in Riding Mountain National Park is a difficult 9.5km journey, depending on which loop you take. But it's also an extremely rewarding one. Take in the best view of the park from the top and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

6. Top of the World Trail

Another gorgeous trail (in all seasons) is the Top of the World Trail in Whiteshell Provincial Park. The intermediate, 4km trek will bring you to the highest elevation in the area and reward you with fantastic views over Falcon Lake.

7. Prairie 360

The best view of the city may just be from Winnipeg's revolving restaurant: Prairie 360. This fine dining establishment pairs good food and wine with a 360 degree view of the city - no matter where you sit!

8. Churchill Northern Studies Centre

The truth is, there's no bad place to view the northern lights in Churchill, Manitoba - but the Churchill Northern Studies Centre has several notable advantages. Located well outside the town of Churchill, there is very little light pollution and many viewing opportunities - whether you want to watch the Aurora Borealis from the heated viewing dome, the outside terrace, the ground level or even from your bedroom window.

9. Hogsback Trail

An easy to moderate hike, this 1.2 km adventure provides beautiful views of Spruce Woods Provincial Park, from the sandhill prairies to freshwater springs to the scenic Assiniboine River valley.

10. Flinty's Trail

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