10 fantastic eateries, events and tours to sink your teeth into this summer

Posted June 21, 2019 | Author Breanne Sewards

In between picnics, patios and backyard BBQ, summer seems to be equal parts about the food as it is about the sunshine and the lake life (maybe even more, depending who you ask). Let this list guide your next meal in Manitoba, and maybe you'll discover a new favourite.

Beach Boy

Here are 10 restaurants, tours and events to sink your teeth into this summer...

1. Jennifer's Picnic

Seven Sisters Falls

Expand your culinary horizons with an unusual food stand located in Seven Sisters Falls. Jennifer's Picnic is a standout in Manitoba's small-town culinary scene for its unique menu featuring dishes like Hungarian goulash, frog legs, camel kabob and escargot. While this eatery is more than worth the drive, you can also make a day out of it by also visiting Pinawa, Lac du Bonnet or Whitemouth.

2. Bison Boutique Cafe


Bison Boutique Cafe's mantra reads as follows: "Small Town Experience, Big City Expectations", which incidentally is spot-on when it comes to describing this cafe in MacGregor, Manitoba. There's a diverse offering here: from a Ploughman's Lunch (ie; cheese/meat board for lunch, yes please) to a Thai noodle bowl.

3. Faraci Foods


Did you know that the Pizza Pop was invented by a Winnipegger? Paul Faraci graciously brought this snack food into the world in 1964, and now, more than 5 decades later, his great-nephew Anthony Faraci is reviving the original recipe. You can find the Faraci Foods truck and the "original pizza snack" throughout Manitoba at a variety of festivals and events (keep an eye on their Instagram for location announcements).

4. West End Biz Food Tour


Whether you're a local or just visiting Winnipeg, a food tour is an excellent way to get an overview of the city's food scene. Go around the world in just a few blocks on a West End Biz Food Tour, where you will have the opportunity to explore this fantastic Winnipeg neighbourhood while enjoying diverse dishes along the way.

5. Onanole Eatery


Head to Woods General Store in Onanole and you'll be pleasantly surprised to also find the Onanole Eatery food truck parked right outside. This new food truck is already becoming a popular spot, selling out of its scrumptious array of sandwiches and gourmet hotdogs within 2 hours! A must-stop if you're on the way to the lake in Riding Mountain National Park.

6. Wall Street Slice


Yes, the West End IS an amazing place in Winnipeg to go for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And now, there's a new addition in the neighbourhood! Created by the owners and longtime staff members of The Red Ember, Wall Street Slice will have to live up to some high expectations. But, if the early reviews are any indication, it's already becoming a favourite for pizza-obsessed Winnipeggers.

7. Ivan's Kitchen


This new eatery might just be your new lunch spot if you live or work near Logan Avenue, Winnipeg. Ivan's Kitchen serves up all the usual suspects you might expect for lunch (think burgers, soups, sandwiches) with a Filipino influence. Don't leave without trying the crispy pata.

8. WAG: Feast


Looking for a date night idea that will impress? WAG: Feast it is! This dinner-and-a-tour event will guide you through the current featured exhibit at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, Vision Exchange: Perspectives from India to Canada, while also serving up a culinary feast from Clay Oven, East India Company or Charisma of India.

9. Beach Boy Restaurant


There are plenty of reasons to visit Gimli in the summertime, the food being one of them. In between sailing, watching movies on the beach and discovering the area's rich Icelandic culture, head to Beach Boy Restaurant for its signature pickerel dinner.

10. Junction 59 Roadhouse


If you're on Regent Avenue looking for some good, local fare, head to the brand new Junction 59 Restaurant. Although, be warned. With a menu that offers everything from bucket nachos and a country chicken dinner to a molcajete bowl and avocado wedges, it will be difficult to choose just one dish.

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